WWE Raw Results (2/8) – Keith Lee Defeated Riddle by Pinfall

Lee hit a Spirit Bomb for the win

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WWE Raw Results thought it was odd that MVP was with the commentary team for this match, so we’re sure something’s got to happen.

After fist bumping the pair locked up and Riddle slapped on an armbar, but Lee picked him up with one arm and flipped Riddle off him.

Riddle tried to take Lee down, and Lee picked up and tossed him aside.

Riddle slapped on a sleeper hold but he released it and Lee threw him off his back and Riddle headed to the floor.

Riddle slid back into the ring and ducked a clothesline and landed some body shots and a running forearm, but Lee caught him.

Riddle got loose and hit a series of kicks and then charged in. Lee caught him with a shoulder block and went for a pin attempt.

Lee then hammered on Riddle in the corner, but he tried to fight his way out before Lee dropped him with a shot, then threw him across the ring into the opposite corner.

Riddle landed a couple of strikes and Lee dropped him with a left. Riddle hit several more strikes and Lee nailed him with another left.

Strong to the finish

Riddle voiced a clothesline and hit a Pele kick and a couple of running forearms int eh corner, but he went for an exploder and Lee hit with a Grizzly Magnum.

Lee went for the Spirit Bomb but Riddle got loose and hit a knee of the ropes for a pin attempt.

Riddle then hit a running knee and headed to the top rope and hit a Floating Bro for a near pinfall.

Riddle then hit a series of Brotons and then demanded Lee to get up. Lee caught his Final Flash Knee Strike and picked him up for a Spirit Bomb but Riddle countered it into an armbar that brought Lee to his knees.

Lee picked Riddle up and hit a buckle bomb, and Riddle hit a Final Flash but Lee stayed on his feet.

Lee then hit a Spirit Bomb for the win.

MVP said as impressed as he is with Keith Lee, he knows the United States Championship will stay with Bobby Lashley.

As Lee helped Riddle up, Lashley hit Kee from behind.

Lee charge Lashley, but Lashley picked him up and slammed him, and then locked in the Hurt Lock on Riddle before tossing him aside.

Lashley hit Lee with a knee as he was on the apron, and hit a clothesline and threw Lee into the ring post.

Lashley grabbed the steel steps and knocked Lee over the announce table with them, and the stood on the announce table holding his United States title high.

WWW Raw Results think this will be an awesome match when it happens.

Orton’s promise

Randy Orton said unfinished business stands between he and McIntyre, and while it’s a fact McIntyre took the title from him, he will take it back at the Elimination Chamber.

He added he’ll do whatever it takes to win the title and he’ll live with his actions. But they always end any unfinished business he has.

He promised he’ll be walking into WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

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