WWE Smackdown Live Results (2/19)

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Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and it looks like we’re in for a fun time with tonight’s Go Home episode for the Elimination Chamber.

We’re sure Roman Reigns will pull some maneuvering backstage and we can’t count out Seth Rollins playing a major role, but what could it be?

WWE Smackdown Live Results will be back for the 8 p.m. EST showtime after we grab some snacks.

Segment 1

Edge started off the show saying he has 13 choices to make, and Roman Reigns came out.

After a back and forth where Edge told him he needs Edge to main event WrestleMania. Sami Zayn came out and ran his spiel about how they should be scared of him.

Jey Uso superkicked Zayn, and Reigns whispered something to Edge before they left the ring.

Segment 2

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Apollo Crews

Nakamura started out of fire, but Crews knocked him to the floor and then into Big E’s lap while Big E was relaxing on a love seat and enjoying a foot soak and TV dinner while commentating.

Big E then got into Crews’ face as we headed to commercial.

Segment 3

Nakamura won with a nifty pin combination out of an armbar, but Crews attacked him from behind, then he went after Big E with the ring steps.

Crews then dropped the ring steps from in the ring onto Big E on the floor. Whelp, this feud is alive and well after three matches.

Segment 4

Seth Rollins gave a great speech where he combined the Messiah with Sami Zayn’s stye in claiming he’s suing the WWE for the emotional trauma cause when everyone walked out on him last week.

He then told us to embrace the vision and wished us a good night.

Big E was being loaded into an ambulance as we headed to commercial.

Segment 5

The Riott Squadd (Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan) vs. Tamina and Natalya

This was a fun match that Tamina won with a spinning one armed slam on Riott for the pin.

Billie Kay had distracted the Riott Squad and tried to celebrate with them, but Natalya shoved her toward Tamina and Tamina dropped her with a superkick.

Tamina was a beast in this one and we hope she finally gets the push she deserves.

Segment 6

Ding Dong, Hello quickly broke down as Reginald, Banks, and Belair came out to challenge Baszler and Jax, and Bayley looked beyond frustrated after starting it in such a good mood.

Looks like we have a tag match coming after the commercial.

Segment 7

Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, and Reginald vs Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Bayley

Reginald scored the pin on Jax after she caught his crossbody attempt and Banks and Belair knocked her over with a double dropkick.

This was… not a bad match.

Segment 8

Rey and Dominik Mysterio vs. Otis and Chad Gable

This match lasted a couple of minutes before Otis was disqualified for not leaving the ring despite being the legal man.

After the match, Otis hit a splash on Rey from the second rope.

Segment 9

Cesaro and Bryan shared their doubts if Owens can be trusted with Owens.

Carmella warned Reginald that she knows he’ll do the right thing or else.

Segment 10

Jey Uso, Sami Zayn, and King Corbin vs. Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Daniel Bryan

This was a fun match to start, and Cesaro dominated once he got into the ring, knocking all three opponents to the floor and swinging Zayn and Corbin as we headed to commercial

Segment 11

A fun match ended with Bryan slapping on the Yes! Lock on Zayn for the win.

Then Corbin hit Bryan with an End Of Days, Owens nailed Corbin with a stunner, Zayn took out Owens with a full nelson suplex, Cesaro then hit Zayn with a pop up uppercut, Jey hit Cesaro with a superkick, and Edge hit Jey with a spear.

Reigns finished it off by coming out of nowhere to hit Edge with a spear.

Why was Edge involved? Plus, it seems like we saw a similar ending last week, but it’s expected with a PPV this weekend.

Overall, it was a pretty good show. What did you think of it? Let WWE Smackdown Live Results know in the comments below and thank you for joining us.

We had a great time and can’t wait until next week.

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