WWE Smackdown Results (2/26) – Cesaro Refuses to Embrace Seth Rollins’ Vision

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WWE Smackdown Results returned as Kayla Braxton asked Daniel Bryan about his opportunity to earn another Universal Championship match is he beats Jey.

Bryan said he thinks his chances of beating Reigns is better than Edge’s, and he said he has plenty of respect for him, but he thinks he may be rusty.

Edge came up to him and said he heard him and if Bryan wins, they’ll face each other at WrestleMania and asked who wins that one.

Bryan said he’ll keep that answer to himself and said it doesn’t mean anything if he doesn’t beat Jey Uso tonight.

Embrace the vision

Seth Rollins headed to the ring to impart some more wisdom.

He started off by saying he’s there to share some incredible news and that his letter to WWE got a huge response on social media and his people told him it was trending.

Cesaro came out to interrupt him, and Rollins said they have things to discuss and asked Cesaro to trust him and hear him out when Cesaro looked ready to slaughter him.

Rollins said what happened was an accident and wouldn’t happen again, and that he didn’t call him a loser like social media claimed. He said he was stuck in losing situations.

Rollins called him a star and asked who says he can’t grab the brass ring and be a star.

Rollins said he’s got it all and asked him friend to friend why does Cesaro always seem to come up short. He asked what Cesaro is missing, and said he’ll tell him what it is.

It’s killer instinct. Rollins said he has it and he can give it to him. He came back to Smackdown to lead it to the future, and he will lead Cesaro if he allows him to.

Rollins said he wants to give everything to him and said they’d be unstoppable working side by side.

He then added that if he’s listened to Rollins two weeks ago, Cesaro would currently be the Universal Champion.

He said it’s never too late to start again and all Cesaro has to do is embrace the vision. Rollins told him he doesn’t have to answer now, and he should take a week or two to think it over.

Cesaro took out his legs, and while Rollins ordered him to put him down Cesaro hit with a pair of spins.

Rollins looked like he was in a washing machine as his jacket came off before Cesaro let him fly across the ring.

Cesaro then hit an uppercut as an emphatic no.

This looks familiar. Where has WWE Smackdown Results seen something like this in recent months?

Yep, we’re piling on the sarcasm.

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