WWE Smackdown Results (2/26) – Daniel Bryan and Jey Uso Ended in a Double Countout

Jey rammed Bryan into the ring steps as the ref reached the ten count

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WWE Smackdown Results tuned in as Jey started it out fast by pummeling Bryan to his knees then locked in a side headlock.

Bryan threw him off the ropes and Jey hit with a shoulder block, and then a hip toss after Jey had a couple of leap frogs.

Bryan hit an armbreaker on Jey’s left arm and then a kick. Jey nailed him with a punch, but Bryan hit na uppercut and then locked in another armbar and a shoulder to the midsection.

Bryan flipped over Jey in the corner, then hit a clothesline off the ropes. Bryan then hit a running boot in the corner, and followed that with a series of kicks.

Bryan slammed his head into a turnbuckle, then sat Jey on the top rope to his a hurricanranna for a near pinfall.

Bryan went back to work on Jey’s left arm with a stomp similar to Shayna Baszler’s stomp.

Jey headed to the floor, and caught Bryan’s suicide dive with a superkick and dropped Bryan on his bad knee on the announce table.

Jey then drove his injured knee into the ring post as we headed to commercial.

Bryan almost gets it

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring with Jey in control as he hit an elbow drop on Bryan’s injured knee.

Jey went for his leg again, and Bryan went for a Yes Lock, but Jey reversed it so he could hammer away on Bryan’s left leg.

Jey hit a Samoan Drop off the ropes for a near pinfall.

Jey went for a splash but Bryan rolled out of the way and bought himself some time.

Bryan then hit a series of Yes! Kicks and stomped Jey before throwing him into the ropes.

Jey countered a backdrop with a right hand, and Bryan flipped him over the top rope and hit a running dropkick through the ropes, then a running knee off the apron.

Bryan rolled Jey into the ring and headed to the top rope. Jey ducked and Bryan leaped over him and landed on his feet, but his injured knee buckled.

Jey then shoved him face first into the corner and hit a drop kick to the back of Bryan’s left knee, then locked in a half Boston crab.

Bryan nearly made it to the ropes, but Jey pulled him back to the center of the ring. Bryan then rolled onto his back and kicked at Jey. Jey rolled him back over back into the half Boston crab.

Bryan again rolled onto his back and kicked Jey off of him.

Bryan hit a Yes! Kick for a near pinfall.

Jey hit a spear on Bryan’s left leg and a superkick for a near pinfall.

Jey then headed to the top rope, but Bryan shoved him onto the turnbuckle and climbed up to hit a butterfly superplex and tried to lock in a Yes! Lock but Jey reached the ropes and fell out of the ring.

Reigns for the finisher

Bryan followed him, and Jey drove him into the ring steps. Jey drove Bryan’s knee into the ring steps as the referee caounted them out.

Jey rolled him back in the ring, an dBryan locked in a Yes! Lock, but Reigns came in and pummled Bryan, the slammed him to the mat.

Bryan locked in the Yes! Lock on Reigns, but Jey broke it with a superkick.

Reigns then hit Bryan with a spear and locked in the guillotine choke.

Afterwards, Reigns held the Universal Championship in the air above Bryan as the show ended.

Overall, we thought it was a good match and show, but the show felt more serviceable than memorable.

That works as the matches were entertaining, but it felt like it was missing something extra.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for joining WWE Smackdown Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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