WWE Smackdown Results (2/26) – Tamina w/Natalya Defeated Liv Morgan w/Ruby Riott by Pinfall; Bianca Belair Makes her Choice

Tamina hit a spinning Rock Bottom for the win

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This started as WWE Smackdown Results returned, and Tamina forced Morgan back into the corner after they locked up.

Morgan rolled under a clothesline by Tamina, then ducked another one to attempt a sunset flip that didn’t go anywhere.

Morgan then bridged to avoid another clothesline, but Tamina kicked her leg out and missed a stomp.

Morgan hit a couple of rights and then a leg scissors to send Tamina into a corner. Tamina hit her with a superkick and then a right.

She slammed Morgan’s face into the middle turnbuckle and then threw her across the ring and hit a hip attack in the corner for a near pinfall.

Morgan hit a couple of elbows and rights, but Tamina dropped her with an elbow and a suplex for a pin attempt.

Morgan hit a couple of rights, and Tamina countered by slamming her face first into the mat.

Morgan countered a hip toss off the ropes into an attempted back slide but Tamina was too powerful, so she rolled over Tamina and nailed her with a step up kick.

With Tamina dazed, Morgan hit a dropkick and then unloaded several rights in the corner.

Tamina reversed it and threw Morgan into the corner, then ran into a boot. Morgan hopped up the ropes to hit a missile dropkick for a pin attempt.

Tamina sidestepped Morgan’s charge into the corner and hit a Samoan Drop, then drove Morgan into the ring with a spinning Rock Bottom for the win.

EST of WWE makes her choice

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville welcomed us back from in the ring as they introduced Bianca Belair for her to make her decision on who to challenge at WrestleMania.

Belair listed the countdown since her winning the Royal Rumble, and Deville asked her who will she challenge.

Deville mentioned Asuka and a video package of her title run followed, and then she mentioned Sasha Banks and another highlight package played.

Belair said she knows everyone’s been patiently waiting, and said her mom told her life is about choices and the ones she makes defines who she is.

She was about to announce her choice when Reginald came out and said her choice will define her career in the WWE.

He praised her for teaming with Banks last week and was elevated by her genius. He said everyone knows how hard she worked to get there and she’s special for living her dream.

He added that he knows in his heart that if she faces Sasha Banks that dream will dissolve into a horrible nightmare and she’ll be haunted by her bad choice.

Of course, Banks had to come out to the ring and she took Reginald’s microphone and told him to never speak for her, then she shoved him aside.

She told Belair that she’s more than the champion, that she’s the standard and if she wants to be the top of conversation then she’d choose her.

Banks then said she doesn’t think she’s the EST because she’s the best, which makes Belair second best.

She then held up her title in front of her, and Belair said since she ahs a lot to say she’s going to make her eat her words at WrestleMania.

She proclaimed that she’ll take Banks’ title and prove she’s the best in the WWE and announced it’s on.

No surprise here. WWE Smackdown Results expect this to be a great match.

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