WWE Smackdown: Seth Rollins Hires Lawyers In Disgust At Locker Room Behaviour

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Seth Rollins has riled up some feathers after he decided to instruct his lawyers in disgust at what he perceived to be disrespectful locker room conduct as part of his story arc.

Seth Rollins Hires Lawyers In Disgust At Locker Room Behaviour

So why was Seth angry? Well, the contents of his statement revealed all. He said: “I am writing to you to formally express my sincere disappointment and anger in the dishonourable actions of the SmackDown locker room and treatment by this company with regards to my greatly anticipated return last Friday, February 12th.”

Seth was outraged given the personal sacrifices he had made during his recent return to the ring. The wrestler felt, though, his efforts had been disregarded. He added: “At the behest of this very office, desperate for a true leader and star of my magnitude to help lead SmackDown to new heights.

“I agreed to return from my personal leave and sacrificed precious moments with my loved ones. I spent considerable time and energy planning this moment that should have been a triumph, an exaltation of a multi-time World champion. Instead, I was met with an embarrassing farce.”

So what does Seth want to happen? Well, by the sounds of his tone, he wants to make it personal with those who he feels are perpetuating the disrespect. And this could only feasibly be by getting those members in the ring. He continued: “The disregard and disrespect shown by the SmackDown superstars for shunning my inspiring message must be addressed.

“While I intend to deal with these patronizing, ungrateful so-called Superstars in my own time, I expect the full force of this office to swiftly and forcefully reprimand those who refused to embrace my vision.” And he signed off the letter by hinting that he is waiting for a resolution:

“I await your response and best efforts to make amends for this incident.” This should come as no surprise, given that Seth promised to come back harder and stronger on his return with a greater emphasis on sticking to his beliefs. He previously said:

“So I gotta double down, I gotta work harder, I gotta grind deeper to get where I wanna go. I’m not gonna sit back and pretend like I’m gonna come back and be a big softie. No, I’m gonna come back and double down on my beliefs and my convictions, not for me, [but] for her [his daughter].”

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