WWE’s Seth Rollins Opens Up About Being a Father: Fatherhood Has Made Me ‘Double Down On My Beliefs’

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Seth Rollins has opened up on how fatherhood has made him become stronger in standing up for what he believes in.

Seth Rollins: Fatherhood Has Made Me ‘Double Down On My Beliefs’

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Seth spoke on how he has become tougher. He said: “I’m a little confused, some of the social response, social media response was that they thought maybe I was gonna come back, I don’t know, softer, in some way, that I was gonna be a bit of a snowflake, that being a dad was gonna make me a wimp, [that] it was gonna give me less conviction, and that’s just not the case.”

He then revealed how he is inspired to work even harder: “I’ve got this beautiful baby girl, and she is now the motivation for everything that I do. So I gotta double down, I gotta work harder, I gotta grind deeper to get where I wanna go. I’m not gonna sit back and pretend like I’m gonna come back and be a big softie. No, I’m gonna come back and double down on my beliefs and my convictions, not for me, [but] for her.”

And staying true to form, Seth claimed that his absence led to others stepping up their game in the wrestling world. He added: “I think it kind of work everybody up, you know, doing what I did,” said Rollins. “The SmackDown men’s team took a pretty horrific loss that night, which was again sparked by my sacrifice, and I think since then, you’ve seen everybody step up their game.

“And so the show has been bar none, the best professional wrestling show on television since then. And so I don’t wanna take all the credit, but I’m saying that I’m part of a bigger revolution in SmackDown.” So as for his return, are there any differences? Well, he hinted at a new theme song:

“It’s weird, kind of, you know, I don’t know that it fits as much with the character,” said Rollins. “But we’ll see what happens, who knows? We might have a third music on the incoming, not to give away any spoilers, but yeah, we used the ‘Burn it Down’ that night, and we’ll see where we go from here.

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