AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal

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This match has been a long time coming. The build has been messy at best, with Brandi Rhodes being taken out of the mix due to pregnancy, Jade Cargill barely being done her wrestling training, and Shaquille O’Neal only showing up to get a glass of water thrown on him.

Regardless, tonight the NBA legend is stepping into the ring with a mixed tag team match with Cody Rhodes. Rhodes has slayed some giants in his time, with Lance Archer & Mr. Brodie Lee having fallen to him, but Shaquille O’Neal & especially Cargill are unpredictable.

Shaquille O’Neal Enters An AEW Ring For A Shaq Attack

Shaq would start with Cody Rhodes, and he is dead serious. Rhodes won the collar and elbow tie up, but was shoved across the ring. Shaq outpowered Rhodes into the corner, but Rhodes used his speed to dodge and hit some strikes. Rhodes wasn’t fast enough though, and Shaq caught him and nailed an overhand chop.

Shaq sent Rhodes high into the air with a back body drop, and nailed another chop into the corner. He’d be saved by Cargill tagging in, which means Velvet comes in. The pace picked up, and Cargill nailed a big boot to the face. Velvet was using her speed to outmaneuver Cargill, but was caught with a big throw across the ring.

Cargill took some time to do push ups in the ring, before sending Velvet across the ring. Velvet came off the top rope with a crossbody, only to be caught into a fallaway slam. Cargilll kipped up, and even pie faced the face of Rhodes. Rhodes ran into the ring and took Shaq off the apron, who was hit with a steel chair by Austin Gunn.

Red Velvet Falls To Jade Cargill

Shaq wanted to tear the Nightmare Family apart, and this drew a crowd for Red Velvet to moonsault onto. Sadly this didn’t help her get an edge, as Cargill applied a Figure Four Leg Lock on Velvet. Velvet was unable to break the hold, but Cargill couldn’t maintain it either. Cargill pulled out a table for some reason, setting it up at ringside.

Velvet attacked Cargill and then grabbed another table. She had some issues setting everything up, QT Marshall stepping in to help speed it up. Velvet hit a spin kick on Cargill, and tagged Rhodes. Shaq flexed on Rhodes, and called for a test of strength. Rhodes tried to take Shaq down but was dropped with a powerbomb.

Shaq was met with a throat thrust and a powerslam, but only got a two count. Velvet & Cargill got back in, and traded blows in the middle of the ring. Cargill took a dropkick but came back with a spinebuster that’d make Arn Anderson blush. Rhodes broke up the pin, and then dove onto Shaq on the apron, crashing both through the table.

Cargill was alone, and Velvet hit the spear for a near fall. She’d get caught by a Glam Slam from Cargill, and that was it for this match. Will Jade Cargill become a future AEW Women’s World Champion?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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