AEW Dynamite Results: D3 & John Skyler vs. Death Triangle (PAC & Rey Fenix)

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It’s finally time for Death Triangle to get back on pace. When PAC returned from being isolated in the UK, he had to first deal with Eddie Kingston, who was manipulating the Lucha Bros for months. That is now behind them, but while Penta is prepping for the ladder match on Sunday, PAC & Rey Fenix are in tag team action. They’ve had one other traditional tag team match, a loss to The Butcher And The Blade back in 2020. Tonight is their chance to improve their chemistry and become a truly deadly unit.

PAC & Rey Fenix Don’t Waste A Single Breath As They Dismantle John Skyler

D3 & John Skyler would do their best to maximize their rare time on Dynamite, but they were outgunned against two athletes like PAC & Rey Fenix. Fenix took D3 out on the apron with a superkick as the bell rang, and PAC cut John Skyler down to size. Death Triangle kicked Skylers lights out, and D3 took another kick to the head as he tried to get back to the apron.

Fenix would hit a quick slam, a set up for a 450 Splash from PAC. PAC tagged in Fenix again, threw him into position and Fenix spiked him on his head with a driver. D3 never even had a chance to become legal in this match, and John Skyler didn’t get a single offensive move in. This was a pure squash match, a rarity for AEW Dynamite. Hell, even Ryan Nemeth got some offense when he faced PAC!

This was a highly efficient tag team showing, with PAC & Rey Fenix showing perfect chemistry here tonight. If they stick together as a steady tag team, few teams would even have a chance of beating them. Do you think Rey Fenix & PAC should stick to being a tag team in AEW? Should PAC focus on singles action while Rey Fenix teams with Penta El Zero Em? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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