AEW Dynamite Results: Eddie Kingston & Jon Moxley Address The Ending Of Revolution

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This past Sunday at AEW Revolution, Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega put each other through hell in a Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Deathmatch. The damage was astounding, and in the end an assist from Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson helped to put Kenny Omega over the top.

After the match, they’d beat down Moxley and handcuff him, leaving him to perish in the ring. Eddie Kingston tried to make the save, but ran out of time before the final explosion. Thankfully for both him and Moxley, it was a dud, but the grand gesture of Kingston trying to save Moxley rekindled an old friendship.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston Are Back On Good Terms

Kingston & Moxley were hanging out to explain what went down at Revolution. When Kingston came down to the ring to save Moxley, he was a ball of anxiety. It was an anxiety he hasn’t felt since he was in a jail cell waiting to be taken to court. Everything went black that day, and it did this past Sunday as well.

Kenny Omega thinks this is a video game, but this is real life. He thinks he’s The Joker, and truly intended to blow Moxley sky high at the end of the show. Moxley & Kingston agreed that the bomb Omega used was probably just paid for by Impact Wrestling, which is why it was a dud.

When that bomb came in the mail it must have come from ACME, because Moxley made more explosive objects in fourth grade science class. Moxley had an Barbed Wire Exploding Ring Deathmatch live on PPV, and all he got was a lousy T-Shirt, because Omega wasn’t truly ready to risk it all. However, Omega was the better man that night.

Moxley didn’t get the AEW World Championship back, but he did get a drinking buddy back. It took the risk of death to snap Eddie Kingston out from the trance he’s been in since coming to AEW. He knew his friend was in there, but Moxley is let down that they didn’t blow the ring up. If you flash a weapon, actually use it.

Will Moxley & Kingston face The Good Brothers in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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