AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page & John Silver vs. Matt Hardy & Marq Quen

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This was originally set to be a 10 man tag team match putting Dark Order against Matt Hardy, Private Party, and TH2. But Matt Hardy didn’t want to wait until Sunday to get his hands on Hangman Page, and had this changed to a tag team contest. Hangman Page has John Silver in his corner, while Hardy took Marq Quen along. Page & Hardy will still meet on Sunday in their Big Money Match.

Matt Hardy Makes Marq Quen Do The Heavy Lifting

Silver & Quen got this one started, and Silver took Quen down fast with a big single leg takedown. Quen shoved to his corner and Hardy got a liver shot in before tagging in. Silver would get a tag from Page, and almost took a lariat as Hardy threw him into the path. Quen got a tag to deal with Page, and was launched with a back body drop.

Silver tagged in and matched the height that Hangman got. Then together they nearly sent him out of the ring, and Quen’s back was not impressed by this abuse. Page & Silver were showing excellent chemistry with quick tags, having Quen isolated as they threw him around the ring.

Silver went for a press slam but was sent to the apron and choked over the top rope. Hardy hit a side effect on the apron, taking control of the match. With Silver down, Hardy tagged in and rained down heavy blows, before Quen choked Silver in the corner.

Hangman Page Closes This One Out

Quen hit a powerslam, and Hardy went to the second rope for an elbow strike. Silver kicked Hardy off to start the crawl for a tag, needing to hit a Standing Sliced Bread to take Hardy out. Page & Quen got tags, but Page ran Quen down with lariats in a hurry before laying him out with a pop-up spinebuster.

Quen kicked the knee of Page, but when he went for a big boot in the corner, he’d catch Hardy instead. Page threw Quen aside and dove onto Hardy, and laid down strikes on Hardy. Quen took a Death Valley Driver in the ring, and Hardy wouldn’t take a tag until Page was more downed.

Hardy came in after a dropkick to the back of the knee, hitting a neckbreaker and going for Twist of Fate before taking a backdrop. Page would get a tag from Silver who speared Hardy, peppered him with kicks and nailed a brainbuster, getting a two count.

Hardy hit a backdrop on Silver before Quen went up top for a big dropkick, but Silver tagged out. Silver & Page set up the Buckshot Lariat, and Hardy realized that could be him on Sunday and backed away slowly.

Who will win at Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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