AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Jackson vs. Rey Fenix

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Death Triangle members PAC & Rey Fenix are next in line for a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. The Young Bucks remained champion at Revolution, setting up a potential instant tag team classic.

However first we get a rare singles match from Matt Jackson, who takes on Rey Fenix. Fenix took Kenny Omega to his limits over the AEW World Championship, which makes him a favorite coming into this first time singles match. Meanwhile, this is Matt Jackson’s first singles match in nearly 1,600 days.

Rey Fenix Is Incredible

Jackson & Fenix locked up, starting with a battle over wrist control. Fenix would be taken to the match with a snapmare, before popping back up and hitting a dropkick on Jackson. Jackson threw Fenix off the ropes, but he just bounced off, grabbed the wrist of Jackson and springboarded into an armdrag.

Matt Jackson slipped to the out of the ring, but got out of the way of a potential dive. Fenix instead stepped through the ropes and hit a hurricane on the outside. He’d hit a springboard headbutt in the ring, sending Jackson to the outside again before he’d dive over the top rope.

Back in the ring, Fenix applied a submission hold before letting Jackson go, only to kick him in the head. Jackson showed his athletic nature by meeting Fenix on the top rope, before taking him down to the ring with a powerbomb! Fenix rolled out the ring, but Jackson quickly pulled him back in.

Jackson would ground Fenix with a camel clutch, forcing him to fight back to his feet. Once he got back up, Jackson nailed a cazadora facebuster to get a near fall. Jackson went for another powerbomb, and while Fenix countered into a hurricanrana, Jackson countered into a sharpshooter.

A World Class Performance From Matt Jackson

Fenix quickly got the ropes, and would corner Jackson for a spin kick before hitting a springboard dropkick. The hurt back of Fenix made it hard to get Jackson up for the Fenix Driver, but he was able to hit a cutter. They’d trade blows, before Fenix set up a unique facebuster for a near fall.

Jackson went to the apron, and tried to suplex Fenix to the outside. Fenix fought free, before Jackson hit a destroyer over the top rope. Jackson followed Fenix outside and hit a second destroyer on the floor. Fenix would get back into the ring at nine, before taking an elbow drop for a near fall.

Another sharpshooter was applied in the middle of the ring, Fenix able to break free. Jackson went to the apron, and Fenix went for a dropkick. Instead of Matt, he got Nick Jackson. In response, Matt Jackson took PAC out with a superkick.

Fenix called for Jackson back in the ring, and they’d trade right hands. Jackson flipped out of a German Suplex, hit a superkick. Fenix bounced off the ropes, missed a spin kick and took another superkick, just to bounce up and hit an enziguri. They’d fight back to their feet, trading blows before Rey Fenix nailed the driver to end this one.

This one was always going to be a spotfest given the two names involved. The coming tag team match will be the same, with all four men there a master of this style. Despite that, this was a spotfest that made sense. They told a solid story with their insane paced action, with Fenix overcoming a hurt back and using his higher level of experience in singles matches to overcome a very tough Matt Jackson. Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

Will Death Triangle take the AEW World Tag Team Championships off The Young Bucks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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