AEW Dynamite Results: Matt Sydal vs. Kenny Omega

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This match was first announced on AEW Dark: Elevation, and represents the biggest chance yet of Matt Sydal in AEW. He knows he’s a main event talent, but tonight he needs to prove it by simply beating Kenny Omega, who he’s faced twice in the past in singles matches and lost both times. They last met in a singles match in 2015, and Omega is not even near on the same level as he was then. Will the prospect of an AEW World Championship shot be enough to motivate Sydal to wrestle the match of his career tonight?

Kenny Omega Is In Rare Form

Sydal would get right into the face of Omega, and got locked into a headlock. He’d slip through and get a wrist lock, before being taken to the mat. Omega would take a snapmare, before coming back with a back elbow. Some big scoop slams put Sydal down, and he’d try to fight up with some kicks before taking some heavy chops.

Sydal would show his speed edge with the flying headscissor on Omega, before throwing a potential knock out blow of a kick. Omega slipped to the outside, and took his time getting back into the ring. A Greco Roman Knuckle Lock led to Omega hitting a knee strike, which maintained wrist control.

He’d pull Sydal into some shoulder tackles, before lifting him up with some power, before stomping him. Sydal had enough, and got back to his feet and tripped him up in impressive fashion before hitting a standing corkscrew senton before hitting running knees in the corner. He went up top, and Omega was caught with another flying headscissor, before coming back with a hard lariat.

Omega would hit a big back drop, before pulling Sydal outside and hitting another backdrop onto the apron. Sydal would be nailed with a backbreaker, before fighting off a powerbomb attempt. Some downward palm strikes wore Sydal down, but Sydal came back with a rolling solebutt before a leg lariat.

Matt Sydal Pulls Out All The Stops

Omega went to the middle rope, and Sydal took him down with a frankensteiner. Sydal hit a Fisherman Buster, but Omega kicked out at two. Omega countered a top rope frankensteiner, before deciding it was time to start wrapping this up. A snap dragon suplex, then cross legged brainbuster. Sydal countered a V-Trigger into a roll up, before hitting that roundhouse kick and the Lightning Spiral for a near fall.

Omega countered the Meteora into a buckle bomb, then a second powerbomb and a driving knee strike for a two count. V-Trigger landed, and Omega had One Winged Angel countered with a reverse frankensteiner. The Shooting Sydal Press was countered, and Sydal was hit on the top rope with a V-Trigger. Omega went for One Winged Angel again, and Sydal rolled him up, and you could argue the referee got three, it was that close.

One more V-Trigger and finally hitting One Winged Angel, this one was finally over. This is what Kenny Omega is all about, and it’s refreshing to see him win a match again without cheating. Who will challenge Kenny Omega next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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