AEW Dynamite Results: Sammy Guevara Crashes The Inner Circle War Council

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Things are not going according to plan for The Inner Circle. They lost a founding member when Sammy Guevara quit, and then MJF & Chris Jericho failed to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Revolution. It’s been failure after failure, but tonight they intend to get back on track as they meet in an Inner Circle war council.

Sammy Guevara Confronts The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle hit the ring, and despite their losses showed great confidence. When any great army needs to change their course in the middle of a battle, they call for a war council. Over the last few months, The Inner Circle has failed to hit the expected heights. They need to change their methods and their outlook, and maybe even introduce a new member.

MJF would say that they don’t need a new member, if anything they need to let some people go. At this time, Sammy Guevara would re-emerge to confront his old friends. He’d be smart to stay on the stage, and say that he knows Jericho isn’t happy with him, but there’s something he needs to see. Guevara would get into the ring and look Jericho in the eyes, and ask him to trust him.

From the first Dynamite until now, Jericho has known Guevara, and needs to trust him tonight for his own good. Footage would air from the Inner Circles locker room, where MJF tried to convince Santana, Ortiz & Hager to turn on Chris Jericho. To turn on the leader of The Inner Circle, and cut the head off the snake. The worst part is, they would agree with him.

Introducing MJF’s Inner Circle

Suddenly, it would look like it would be Jericho & Guevara against Santana, Ortiz & Hager. However, the core members would stand tall together. Jericho told MJF to shut up for once, and explain that they’ve been waiting for MJF to screw this up. Since the day MJF joined, Jericho has been waiting to kick him out.

MJF would beg off, and say he didn’t want to take over Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle, because he was too busy building his own. They’d be met by Shawn Spears, FTR, Wardlow & Tully Blanchard. This brawl started quick, and MJF’s group would be winning out.

Hager had a bottle smashed over his head, Spears sent Guevara head first through a chair, Wardlow choked Jericho out, and FTR would handcuff Santana & Ortiz. All while MJF sat on his perch and watched. Wardlow nailed the big knee strike to take Jericho out, FTR nailed spike piledrivers on Santana & Ortiz, and it’s clear who won out tonight.

Jericho was powerbombed off the stage, ending this one. What will come next for Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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