AEW Revolution Results: Cody Rhodes vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Max Caster vs. Lance Archer vs. Ethan Page [Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match]

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The TNT Championship is becoming a hard belt to get a shot at, but one man will leave AEW Revolution with a title shot. Cody Rhodes, Scorpio Sky, Penta El Zero M, Max Caster & Lance Archer all qualified for what is being called theFace Of The Revolution Ladder Match. They’re literally climbing for the brass ring tonight. However, there is one mystery addition as well, adding a bit of spice to this match.

Ethan Page Is All Elite

After the five announced men made their way to the ring, we’d hear a new theme song. It’s a man who’s All Ego, as Ethan Page is All Elite! The two time Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champion is here, and he’s solo now. Penta sticks to the outside alongside Caster, while Archer, Rhodes, Page & Sky keep to the ring.

Rhodes & Archer made their way to the stage, where Archer grabbed a ladder and started whacking people with it. He could carry the ladder one arm, showing how dangerous he was here. Penta hit a superkick through the ladder and a slingblade past it. Sky came in to attack Penta, before Caster took him out.

Jack Evans came to help Caster, before 10 of The Dark Order dropped him with a spinebuster. Rhodes kicked Caster in the head, as Page set up a ladder in the ring. Page was cut off by Rhodes, before working with him to attack Archer. He’d then hit the shoulder of Rhodes with a ladder, and Caster hit it with a boombox.

Penta was alone in the ring with a ladder, and dove onto everyone. Archer thought about flying, before Page hit a cutter onto the ladder. Page would compress Archer into the ladder, before Sky tried to make the save. Instead, Sky got thrown into the ladder which still contained Archer.

A Ladder War To Remember

Caster set up a ladder at ringside, as Page grabbed another one. Page looked to climb but Archer tilted the ladder and Page fell into a backstabber from Penta. Penta climbed the ladder, but Rhodes took him down with a dropkick. Rhodes took a thrust kick, and a Mexican Destroyer onto the ladder.

Sky would meet Caster in the ring as Rhodes was taken to the back, with Caster almost getting up the ladder. He was pulled down, but just grabbed another ladder. They both took a perch, and was soon met by Lance Archer and Ethan Page. All four men could reach the brass ring, but needed to take each other out. Archer & Page fell first, and Caster last. Penta took Sky down seconds before he’d have won, and took him out with a superkick.

He’d take time to vibe with the crowd, and be met by Sky as he climbed the ladder, and taken down with a neckbreaker. Page would get to the climbing, but was met by Caster, and taken down with a sunset bomb off the ladder.

Sky would throw Caster into the ladder, before planting him onto it. He’d go up top, and come down hard with a frog splash, crushing Caster onto the steel. Sky made the long climb, but was met by Archer who blocked a dropkick and threw Sky to the outside through a ladder.

Cody Rhodes Won’t Stay Down, Lance Archer Cleans House

Penta, Archer, Caster & Page were left, and they’d all hit the ring. Archer was taken out with a slingblade after he took Page & Caster down, but Page was able to stop Penta. Rhodes made his way back to the ring, ready to win this one with one arm. He’d hit the Cross Rhodes on Page, and climb a ladder.

Archer met Rhodes on top, and took him down with a superplex. Caster climbed up next and hit Rhodes with an elbow drop, potentially ending his night again. Penta & Caster met ontop of the ladder, but Archer shoved it down. He’d chokeslam everyone, and plant Caster with a Blackout onto the ladder. Archer climbed, but Page stopped him, He’d hit a Razors Edge on Archer, but Jake Robers hit him with a lariat!

Penta took Roberts out, before Rhodes came back into the ring and hit a Cody Cutter. Cody climbed, but Penta swatted him with a chair. Sky came back to life and swatted Penta, before making the long climb. He’d be met by Rhodes, and it’d be between these two who slugged it out. Sky yanked him shoulder first into the ladder, shoved him down and grabbed the brass ring to win.

Will Scorpio Sky be able to defeat Darby Allin and finally become TNT Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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