AEW Revolution Results: Hangman Page vs. Matt Hardy

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Sometimes when something is called a ‘Big Money Match’, it’s quite literal. ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy tried to take advantage of a drunk Hangman Page, but instead ended with a match for AEW Revolution. The stipulation is simple, whoever loses has to give the winner every cent they made through AEW for the first quarter of this year. Merch sales and all.

Matt Hardy Looks To Destroy The Hand

Page & Hardy locked up in the middle of the ring, and quickly ended up in the corner. Hardy doesn’t do clean breaks, but Page was ready and dodged before stomping Hardy down. Page hit a back suplex, Hardy tried to come back with a crossbody, but was caught with the Fallaway Slam.

Hardy saw the Buckshot Lariat coming, and slipped outside. They’d brawl on the outside, Page hitting a crossbody out of the stands before going back to ringside. Page missed a forearm shot and hit the steel, before Hardy attacked the arm. He’d trap the hand behind the steel steps, potentially breaking the hand.

In the ring, Hardy bit the fingers and applied the knuckle lock. This is all on the arm Page uses for the buckshot lariat, neutralizing his best weapon. Hardy threw him shoulder first into the corner, but Page came back and hit a right hand and hurt himself as much as Hardy.

Page was able to counter a Side Effect into a crucifix pin for a near fall, before nailing the Death Valley Driver. He’d go to the apron for Buckshot Lariat, but couldn’t launch off. Page got Hardy to the apron, and hit the springboard lariat.

Hangman Page Has Friends He Can Trust

Hardy was down on the outside, Page followed but just took the Twist of Fate on the floor. Page would risk a count out, and Hardy would gladly take this, he gets the money either way. Hardy wouldn’t get this wish, as Page got in at nine.

Page kept fighting with a big boot in the corner, before going up top and being stopped with clubbing blows. Hardy took him down with a German Suplex, before they’d collide with lariats in the middle of the ring. Page hit a rolling elbow, before taking Hardy over the top rope, and coming to the outside with a moonsault off the top rope.

Back in the ring, Page hit a crossbody off the top rope, but only got a two count. A sliding lariat followed, and Page set up Deadeye. Hardy slipped out and hit a neckbreaker, before looking for the diving elbow drop. Instead, Page cut him off, only to end up on the ropes and nailed with a Black Tiger Bomb. Hardy called for Twist of Fate, Page blocked and hit Deadeye. Isiah Kassidy & Marc Quen came to ringside and ran a distraction.

This bought time for Hardy to recover, and he’d counter Buckshot into a Side Effect, before hitting Twist of Fate… and Page kicked out at two! Dark Order evened the odds and took Private Party out. Hardy sent Hardy over the top rope, Dark Order caught and lifted Page up, allowing him to nail Buckshot Lariat to win.

Will Hangman Page join Dark Order? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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