AEW Revolution Results: Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega [AEW World Championship Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch]

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At Full Gear 2019, Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega brought what many thought was unmatched violence in the Lights Out match. Jon Moxley won on that night, but tonight these two get extreme once again. Kenny Omega is now AEW World Champion, and Jon Moxley wants his title back. Omega laid down a challenge for an Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch, and considering Moxley is just Atushi Onita but from Cincinnati? He is more than ready. Moxley is ready to give his career tonight to become champion again, is Kenny Omega ready to risk the same to remain champion?

Three sides of the ring are wrapped in Barbed Wire, and if you hit it? It explodes. Around the ring are landmines, and touch them? They explode. If this match lasts half an hour, everything explodes. There are no turnbuckles, just barbed wire boards. Referee Rick Knox is in a bomb suit even! You win by pinfall or submission. This one is not for the faint of heart.

As said by Jon Moxley on the build to this match: “That adrenaline, that violence, that feeling that I can’t get enough of— Hell, Wrestling is like a perfect way, a hell of a way to go out.”

Jon Moxley & Kenny Omega Step Into Potentially Their Final Match

Jon Moxley looked just at home hitting the ring, and oddly so did Kenny Omega. Moxley had a flask and downed it to calm the nerves, calling on liquid courage. These are two of the best in the world, and they’re going to destroy each other here. The bell rang, and both men accepted their fate.

Omega grabbed the face of Moxley and tried to rub it on the barbed wire. Moxley fought like hell, and went for Omega’s face with a headbutt. They’d trade blows, before Omega grabbed a headlock. Moxley tried to send him off with a shove, but Omega held on, so Moxley hit the back suplex. Omega was almost suplexed into the barbed wire, but held his ground.

Moxley would throw Omega to the corner, but he stopped himself in time. Some Terry Funk style jabs were thrown, before Moxley sent Omega over the only safe ropes to the ramp. Moxley threw some weapons into the ring, before hitting a White Russian Leg Sweep with a Barbed Wire Bat on the apron.

Omega got back into the ring and threw powder into the eyes of Moxley, and threw him into the ropes, the first explosion leaving Moxley stunned. Moxley kicked out at two, before being whacked with the Kendo Stick. Omega hit a knee breaker onto the bottom of a trash can, before hitting the Kotoro Crusher onto the can. This got another two count.

A Violent Spectacle

Moxley was bloody, and Omega applied the Figure Four Leg Lock in the middle of the ring. Omega was sawed with the barbed wire steel chair, letting the hold go before Moxley swung and missed with the bat. Moxley was sent into a barbed wire board in the corner, Omega safely climbed for a moonsault.

Omega went for the spinning toe hold, but was kicked face first into the ropes, his first explosion. He’d stumble into a shotgun dropkick from Moxley, and another explosion came. Moxely hit a shoulder capture suplex, almost throwing Omega into a third one. He’d throw Omega into a barbed, landing awkward. Moxley looked for the paradigm shift onto the barbed wire chair, and Omega nearly countered into the One Winged Angel but Moxley got the release German Suplex. Omega was dropped onto the barbed wire chair, and he ripped his pants.

Moxley wrapped his arm in barbed wire, and this was how he made Eddie Kingston say I Quit. A barbed wire lariat was dodged, and Omega hit the snapdragon suplexes. Moxley shrugged off a V-Trigger, and hit the lariat. Fifteen minutes and everything blows, but Omega countered a Paradigm Shift by running them into the ropes. Omega was nearly blinded, and almost rolled onto the landmines at ringside.

They both ended up on the apron, and Omega tried to throw Moxley down. A knee to Omega was followed by a Paradigm Shift off the apron onto the barbed wire boards, and that’s not even mentioning the explosion!

Something’s Got To Give Before Meltdown

Moxley was the first back to life, and he grabbed another handful of Barbed Wire. Omega and Moxley slipped into the ring, and Moxley punched him in the face with barbed wire. We’d here a warning for the explosion, ten minutes till meltdown. Moxley hit the piledriver, getting anxious but Omega didn’t stay down.

Omega hit an Onita Style powerbomb, but only got a near fall. Both men were shaky as Omega started to hit the V-Triggers, before setting up One Winged Angel. Omega hit it, but Moxley got the leg on the rope to cause an explosion, breaking the pinfall. Gallows & Anderson came to the ring to save Omega, but Moxley got them with the barbed wire bat.

They brought Omega an exploding barbed wire bat, but even that couldn’t stop Moxley. Omega got help setting up the One Winged Angel onto the chair, and that was all this one had. Kenny Omega was able to win, and Jon Moxley will live to see another day. Neither man will be the same after this one.

The clock was still ticking, and Don Callis instructed everyone to beat down Moxley. They handcuffed him in the middle of the ring. Gallows & Anderson beat him down, Omega grated him with the barbed wire bat.

Omega, Gallows & Anderson fled the ring as the countdown him thirty seconds. Eddie Kingston came to save Moxley, but couldn’t get him up and out. He covered his friend, and while the explosion wasn’t huge, that gesture will go a long way. Both men were out cold from the heat alone, and they’d be checked out in the ring as we went off the air.

How will Kenny Omega pay for his crimes here tonight? Has Eddie Kingston redeemed himself? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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