AEW Revolution Results: Tag Team Casino Battle Royale Match

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It’s time for the Casino Battle Royale that comes with every AEW PPV! This time around, we have a Tag Team Battle Royale, with the winner getting a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Champions. We know all the teams involved, and they will come out one by one in an order chosen backstage.

Announced for this match is Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal, Top Flight, Private Party. Bear Country, The Natural Nightmares, The Varsity Blondes, SCU, Jurassic Express (represented by Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus), The Inner Circle (represented by Ortiz & Santana) The Dark Order (Evil Uno &Stu Grayson, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Five & Ten), Death Triangle (represented by PAC & Rey Fenix), The Gunn Club & finally The Pretty Picture. AEW has a deep tag team division, and it will truly shine bright tonight.

Natural Nightmares Start This Match With Dark Order

Natural Nightmares started up with Five & Ten of The Dark Order starting out. Every 90 seconds we get a new team in, last team standing wins. Rhodes & QT wasted little time getting into their opponents, with Rhodes hitting a classic powerslam, and Five beat down QT in the corner. Five & Ten hit a combo dropkick & fallaway slam on QT, before being bulldogged by Rhodes.

Santana & Ortiz were in next, and rushed the ring. They’d hit a combo neckbreaker on QT, before being run through by Five. QT hit Diamond Cutter on Five and threw him out, but Ten nearly took him out. Next into the match was Matt & Mike Sydal, who dove right onto Santana & Ortiz. They’d cut down Ten next with a combo lightning spiral, but fail to take him out.

Next into the match was another Dark Order duo of Uno & Greyson. They’d go to work on Rhodes, then both Sydals. Mike was thrown out by Santana & Ortiz, before Uno & Greyson worked with 10 to plant Ortiz. Santana dropped them all with superkicks as Gunn Club hit the ring. Colton & Austin hit the ring with lariats and dropkicks, before Austin hit the Quick Draw. Santana & Ortiz took out Matt Sydal, removing his team fully.

Next in was Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi, who went after Gunn Club. Avalon marked targets for Bononi,who planted Colton for Avalon to hit a dropkick. The ring was really filling up, and in next was Varsity Blondes.

Pillman & Garrison failed to suplex Bononi, but Austin Gunn took Avalon out. Austin tripped up, Colton hit the Fameasser, before QT took out Gunn Club & Bononi all at once before eliminating himself from the match and spitting at Rhodes.

Jurassic Express Clean House

Bear Country were in next, just using brute force, Boulder slamming Uno & Garrison at once. Greyson got Boulder up for Nightfall, only to have Bronson throw him out of the ring. Jurassic Express was next, Jungle Boy and Luchasarus quickly taking advantage of the crowded ring. Ortiz was taken out by Jungle Boy, and Bononi was taken out by Luchasarus.

He’d follow up by throwing Griff Garrison out, and Jungle book took out Ortiz. Evil Uno would be taken out next, with some help from Marko Stunt. The field was cleared a bit as Butcher & The Blade came in, taking out Ten & Brian Pillman Jr. Butcher & The Blade brawled with Bear Country, before Boulder took aim at Rhodes. With help from Bunny, Rhodes was taken out.

The Private Party hit the ring slowly, waiting for an opening. They’d choose to go after Jungle Boy, hitting stereo spin kicks to the head. S.C.U was next, going right after the Private Party. They’ve been on a 6-0 streak, and they’d take the fight to Bear Country before trying to take out Luchasaurus. Bear Country would go after Luchasarurs before Butcher took both of them out.

Death Triangle was next in, PAC & Fenix instantly upping the pace of the match before taking Blade & Quen out. SCU went after a lone Butcher, before they’d have to deal with Fenix. Silver & Reynolds were in next, the final hope for Dark Order. Daniels took a spin cycle from Silver and Jungle Boy was hit with a piledriver onto Daniels!

And Then There Was Four, and Death Triangle Are United

Silver & Reynolds hit Dark Destroyer, and then threw Kassidy out. Butcher was thrown out, and we were left with four teams. Jungle Boy was alone for Jurassic Express, while SCU, Death Triangle and Dark Order stood tall. Daniels got taken out, and Reynolds took Jungle Boy to the apron, before being taken out.

PAC & Kazarian brawled until Kaz was thrown over the top rope, SCU was out. Fenix, PAC, Silver & Jungle Boy were all that’s left, and Silver was almost taken out, but with one hand stayed in this. Fenix missed a kick and almost fell to the floor, but saved himself.

Silver & PAC matched up and threw blows in the middle of the ring, Silver winning out with mid-kicks before taking a snap German Suplex. PAC sent silver over the top, and Fenix kicked him out. Death Triangle was united with Jungle Boy alone. He’d quickly take PAC out, and now there were two.

They’d trade heavy blows, Jungle Boy sliding out of the ring to avoid Fenix and Fenix went through the middle ropes with a dive. Fenix was hit with a superkick and poisonrana back in the ring, but sent Jungle Boy over the top for the win!!

Can Death Triangle defeat The Young Bucks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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