AEW St. Patricks Day Slam Results: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. The Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson)

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At AEW Revolution, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson were pivotal in the victory of Kenny Omega over Jon Moxley in their Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match. Moxley lost that match, but regained a friend in Eddie Kingston. Despite being long time friends, they’ve never been tag team partners until tonight. They team up to take on the now former Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

Gallows & Anderson Attack Eddie Kingston From Behind

Before this one even reached the ring, Gallows & Anderson attacked Kingston from behind. Moxley would make the save, but he’s clearly still damaged from the AEW World Title match at Revolution. Gallows & Anderson would simply maul Kingston & Moxley at ringside, enjoying a steady two on one advantage.

Moxley was hit with Magic Killer on the floor, before Anderson finally put Kingston in the ring. The bell would finally ring, and Kingston was forced into a handicap match. Anderson would gouge at the eyes of Kingston, before Gallows was tagged in to hit some clubbing shots in the corner. Kingston would do his best to stay in the fight, knowing that Moxley won’t stay down forever.

Quick tags between The Good Brothers would keep them fresh as they kicked the ass of Kingston, but Moxley finally started to crawl to the apron. Kingston chopped Gallows into the corner, but Moxley was taken off the apron by Gallows, before Kingston was choked.

Never Count Jon Moxley Out

Moxley would get back to the apron again, as Kingston would gouge the eyes of Anderson. Anderson went for the face of Kingston again, only to have his finger bit. Gallows got another tag, but Kingston countered him in the corner with an elbow strike. Kingston wouldn’t be able to make the tag, still being isolated.

A diving shoulder tackle dropped Gallows, but Kingston finally got the tag after hitting an exploder suplex on Kingston. Moxley hit the ring. Damage be damned, he was gonna take the fight of Anderson and did so with a German Suplex. A shotgun dropkick kept Anderson down, and he’d take Gallows off the apron twice with elbow strikes.

Moxley ran Anderson down with the King Kong Lariat, and nailed a piledriver, but Gallows made the save. A knee strike took Gallows out of the ring, before diving to the outside. Back in the ring, Anderson nailed a spinebuster for a near fall. Gallows & Anderson hit Boot of Doom, before a reverse 3D on Kingston. Moxley kicked out at two, but was running out of steam.

And Here Comes Kenny Omega

Good Brothers set up another Magic Killer, but Kingston took Gallows out of the ring. Back in the ring, Moxley rolled up Anderson to win with an Inside Cradle. After the bell, Gallows & Anderson kept beating Moxley down. Omega strutted to the ring with a steel chair, ready to finally end Moxley.

He’d set the chair up, before Kingston attacked and was taken out by Good Brothers. They pulled out a chair, wrapped it around the knee before diving onto it. Chair went around the neck of Moxley next, but Young Bucks made the save, having seen enough. Will Eddie Kingston face Kenny Omega soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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