Ahmed Johnson: WWE Boss Vince McMahon Banned Me From ‘The Hall of Fame’

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Ahmed Johnson has revealed that Vince McMahon had banned him from entering into the WWE Hall of Fame due to a major bust-up that the two had gone through.

Ahmed Johnson: Vince McMahon Banned Me From ‘The Hall of Fame’

In an interview on SportsKeeda, Ahmed confirmed that Vince told him personally that he was banned due to the disagreement. He said: “Because me and Vince had a falling out…right when I left…I believe around 98. We had a falling out, and he told me then that I wouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame because of our falling out. He actually told me that.”

So what was the dispute about? Well, as could be expected, contractual differences got in the way, which the two sides were unable to address. After all, Vince is a hard man to please. He added: “It was that and other little things, but yeah, it was a lot of contractual differences.”

But it is not just Vince that Ahmed has rubbed up the wrong way. This includes other people inside the industry and going as far as to the wrestlers themselves. When asked if he has good relations with other fellow wrestlers, he revealed: “Not really. Spoke to Farooq a few times. I don’t talk to Magilla Gorilla (Mark Henry). I definitely don’t talk to D’Lo.”

In addition, by the sounds of it, Ahmed does not have any friends left in the sport. He continued his verbal assault by implying that the fight game has been tarnished by people who would compromise on their principles for a quick payday. He continued: “I don’t like people who kiss b***. I can’t stand that. I can’t stand that.”

“If you can’t make it on your own talent, don’t be kissing b*** and talking about other people behind their backs and trying to knock somebody else. I don’t like that.” Vince, for his part, has yet to publicly address these comments but given by how he operates or has done in the past, it could all be true.

And given by Ahmed’s latest comments, this is hardly an olive branch to Vince. In fact, it would probably put an end to the two ever reconciling. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. Please also remember to stay up to date with the latest news on TheOvertimer. Don’t forget to visit Gamestingr for great videos, news, and gameplay!


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