Anna’s Replacement In The Dark Order

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It was recently reported that Dark Order Anna Jay was going to be out with a shoulder injury after a training injury. It was a surprise when she didn’t appear in the Being the Elite Dark Order segment, but it is understandable.

We did see Kris Statlander appear on Being the Elite. This was most likely due to the fact that she is getting better and ready to start training. We probably won’t see Anna Jay in Being the Elite for a long time until she returns to begin training again.

It looks like she may have already been replaced by Maki Itoh, a fan favourite from the women’s tournament in the Japanese bracket. She did lose in this match but did make a surprise appearance in the Buy-In show to tag with Brit Baker.

Maki Itoh could make an excellent fit for the Dark Order.

It was only a short moment where Maki Itoh was part of the Dark Order segment. I think that they could bring together some great segments. If Maki Itoh is going to stay in AEW for a while, this could be a great way to get her over in the women’s division.

Dark Order is one of the most popular segments on Being the Elite. Making it an excellent place for a new member of the AEW roster to get over. If it continues for a while, they could even come out as part of Maki Itoh’s entrance.

Are we looking at a future feud between Anna Jay and Maki Itoh?

AEW has been one to have long term storytelling. This could be an addition to that. Anna Jay looks to be out for up to 9 months. If Maki Itoh is to replace Anna Jay as part of the Dark Order for when she isn’t there.

It looks like this could be leading up to a feud between both Maki Itoh and Anna Jay. If this is the case, it is a great start for some good stories in the women’s roster. What AEW has been criticized for now since the beginning. It feels like change is on the horizon in the women’s roster.

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