Are The Hurt Business On Their Way To Becoming One Of The Best Factions In WWE History?

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Last night on Monday Night RAW, we saw a change of the WWE Championship. The Miz was in his second reign as WWE Champion, and was celebrating his first time as champion in a decade. However, he made a deal with The Hurt Business to get it. Sure he had the Money in The Bank briefcase, but The Miz worked with MVP to have Bobby Lashley ensure Drew McIntyre was ready.

This came with the condition that Lashley got the first shot. And now, Bobby Lashley is the 53rd man to hold the WWE Championship. This is the first world championship for The Hurt Business, a faction which has quickly climbed ranks in WWE. It likely won’t be their last, especially as WWE is finally behind Bobby Lashley. Could he help make The Hurt Business one of the greatest factions in WWE history?

The Hurt Business Has Won Every Title On Monday Night RAW

With Lashley winning the WWE Championship, it means that The Hurt Business either holds or has held every championship on Monday Night RAW. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin are the current RAW Tag Team Champions, and Bobby Lashley just lost the United States Championship at Elimination Chamber. Add in Benjamin, Alexander, Lashley & MVP already coming into the faction with storied legacies, and The Hurt Business has a heavy layer of legitimacy that a lot of factions lack.

Every member of the faction is a threat on any given night, and all together they are daunting to take on. If WWE keeps them together, and even adds in more members, we could really be seeing something special being born here. They’ve already far surpassed most factions in WWE history, by claiming one of the top titles, something groups like The Nexus, The Hart Foundation, and even The Nation of Domination couldn’t claim.

Groups like Evolution, DX, Undisputed Era, and The Corporation all stand above Hurt Business, but who knows how high their stock could rise in time.

Widely Considered One The Best Part Of WWE In 2020

It’s no doubt that 2020 was a weird year for WWE. The pandemic forced them into having to run shows away from live crowds, making it hard to get feedback on angles and matches outside of what they get online. In a bleak era, the formation and continued greatness of The Hurt Business was an easy bright spot.

Look at any ‘Best of 2020 in WWE’ list, and there’s a high chance The Hurt Business will be mentioned. When you can help carry WWE through one of their toughest years yet, that shows just how good of a group you can be. When crowds return, The Hurt Business will have a hard time not being one of the most popular groups going, and could potentially become babyfaces in the process.

Do you think Hurt Business will become one of the top factions in WWE history? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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