Brooker T Showers Bobby Lashley With Praise For His INSANE Work Ethic At 44

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Brooker T has praised Bobby Lashley for staying on top of his game, so much so that, he claimed no one in the history of the sport had maintained such a high level ever. This is despite Bobby being the age of 44. 

Brooker T Praises Bobby Lashley’s Work Ethic

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Brooker spoke on how he is such a supporter of Bobby and that he is one of his favourites. He said: “I’m like a fan. I’m wondering where it’s going to go. [Bobby Lashley] is looking better than I’ve ever seen any man that has ever stepped inside in that squared circle at 44-years old right now. His mind is triggered as far as working a certain way.”

It does take some doing to maintain such standards, and clearly, Bobby must have a passion for the sport that comes natural to him. That is why Brooker continued to praise his training methods by highlighting how Bobby leaves no stone unturned. He added: “When Bobby works, you think someone is getting killed, you think he definitely could be the World Heavyweight champion. You wonder if he gets Drew McIntyre in that Hurt Lock, is Drew McIntyre going to be able to come out of it?”

Nevertheless, father time does catch up with everyone, including Bobby. It is anyone’s guess how long Bobby will have left in the sport. That is why he needs to make sure that he achieves everything he wants to and leave behind no regrets. But, where does Brooker’s future lie? Well, he remains unsure like most people.

Here is what he had to say: “I wonder myself because I thought Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania, that’s a hell of a build. You got fans that will actually witness it. Drew McIntyre has his fans. They’re going to follow him, they’re going to support him.

“Bobby Lashley, never being in that position. Can Bobby crack through at WrestleMania? The news clipping, people would’ve been talking about that right there big time. It looks like Brooker and Bobby both have some soul searching to do. After all, with the wrestling scene more popular than ever, the number of competitors coming through will not be slowing down anytime soon.

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