Dark Order Put Hangman Paige In Debt.

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If you missed the match between Hangman Adam Paige and Matt Hardy. I would advise you that you go back and watch that. It is probably Matt Hardy‘s best feud and matches in AEW so far. What will happen to Matt now is currently unknown. With already knowing what has happened to all six figures Hangman won from Matt Hardy.

It was mentioned in the BTE that the Dark Order had spent money on barrels of whisky and other items on his credit card before Hangman won. As they believed that Hangman was going to beat Matt, so didn’t think he would care as they were ordering things for him in preparation for his celebration.

The Dark Order put him in debt.

What the Dark order didn’t know was that Hangman being the big Baby Face he is. That he had already given all the first quarter of the year’s money away. This, therefore, puts Hangman into debt. It did feel like Hangman Paige did brush this off.

That is if he’s even part of the Dark Order, yet it hasn’t been confirmed as of the PPV and Being the Elite. There could be more to this little story segment in Being the Elite.

Are Hangman and Dark Order may have started on the wrong foot?

After this small segment, it really feels like this could be leading to two things. A heel turns from Hangman Paige or finally seeing Hangman as part of the group. This does look like it is going towards the way of Hangman turning on Dark Order, but after all this build to him joining, him turning straight away could feel out of the blue.

There was also a small part where it looks like John Silver was getting slightly angry, so maybe that will be involved in future segments. At the moment, there has been nothing set for the future of Dark Order and Hangman Adam Paige.

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