Dark Order Spending Spree.

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It looks like we are getting a couple more of these Dark Order Spending Segments on BTE. In a recent match between Hangman Adam Paige and Matt Hardy. The stipulation was whoever wins gets the other’s Q1 earnings. This being Matt Hardy’s Big Money Matt gimmick, you could only think how much Matt Hardy wanted to win.

Although, if you are up to date with your PPVs, you will know that Matt Hardy lost to Hangman Paige and now has his Q1 earnings. This hasn’t been played off much on the main show on Wednesday but has plenty on BTE.

What did the Dark Order buy this time?

Last week, Dark Order spent money on a lot of different things. This week it looked like they bought more, including drugs, meat, roses for Anna, and accidentally purchased a gimp suit. There wasn’t much story here, and it might have been one of Dark Order’s worst segments in a while.

However, they did make up for it in a Nightmare on Elm Street segment later on. But it does feel like these money segments are kind of getting old. It could be that Dark Order and Hangman Paige’s chemistry isn’t there yet. Let’s hope this changes soon as it seems like we’re going to get a lot of this.

How long will this be going for?

This is the second time the Dark Order has spent the money, and this time it looks like it will be going for a while. If and how it will transfer to the main show soon is unknown. It feels like Dark Order is kind of still at a crossroads.

Looking like this segment of Dark Order, spending all of Hangman’s money will be going on for a couple more weeks. Let’s hope it improves a lot more and buy a bit more than meat and drugs.

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