Dark Order Try To Get John Silver A New Arm.

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John Silver has been one of the few AEW roster members who have raised through the ranks in BTE. It has even had Tony Khan mentioning to him that where is that on AEW Dynamite. This felt like John Silver‘s gimmick hit new levels, jumping fully into this gimmick forming the John Silver we know and love today.

The sad news is that in the John Silver match against Darby Allin for the TNT Champion. John Silver suffered a shoulder injury that will put him out for 4-6 weeks.

How it went down in BTE

In the latest episode of BTE, it nearly felt like we weren’t going to get a John Silver in the newest episode.

It felt weird without Jon in a segment that showed Dark Order planning on replacing John Silver’s arm with Five’s. After a couple of segments, we went back to the Dark Order. John Silver came into the segment to say that he didn’t want Five’s arm and wanted something else.

It felt like the segment before this was trying to make us think we weren’t going to see John Silver, but it looks like in 4-6 weeks, we’re going to see John Silver in BTE in the future.

John Silver wanted something else.

In true Dark Order fashion, John Silver being the Meat Man and warning there is some penis reference coming up. John Silver didn’t want Five’s arm but his penis! This then cuts to Dark Order trying to cut Five’s penis off.

The camera cut away to a piece of shrimp falling onto the floor. This implies that Five has a shrimp sized penis. Covering BTE every week never gets old.

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