Impact Wrestling Results (3/2) – Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K Defeated Havok by Pinfall

Dashwood hit a Spotlight Kick for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results found Gia Miller backstage with Jordynne Grace and Jazz and congratulated them on being the number one contenders for the Knockout tag titles.

Jazz said it should’ve been a celebration, but they found ODB unconscious.

Grace said they know Deonna Purrazzo did it, and Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan came up and told them they should be worrying about them.

Grace commented that Fire ‘N Flava never beat them, and when Hogan said they might appear at ringside, and Grace said she can get her in the ring and headed off to talk to Scott D’Amore to make it a triple threat match.

Myers banks on friendship

Backstage, Brian Myers greeted Matt Cardona and tried to butter him up, and Cardona said he didn’t come to Impact to team with of fight him and he’ll have to call the match down the middle.

Myers asked why doesn’t he call it down the middle-ish, and Cardona said if he does that it wouldn’t be professional.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K vs. Havok

To start off, we want to wish Tenille a belated birthday as yesterday she celebrated another lap around the sun. And we expect Havok to give her a special birthday present.

Dashwood ducked a grapple and hit Havok to no effect and then backed into a corner.

Dashwood tried to crawl between Havok’s legs, but Havok caught her and Dashwood hit a couple of elbows and a knee.

Havok blocked a Russian leg sweep and Havok picked her up but Dashwood managed to kick free.

Dashwood hit a kick through the ropes and hung Havok up on the ropes and went for a pin attempt as we headed to commercial.

Tide turning

Back from commercial, Dashwood had Havok locked in the ropes in an upside down type of hold and hit a running crossbody for a near pinfall.

Dashwood hit a kick and then hit Havok with a couple of elbows to the back of her neck for another pin attempt.

Dashwood slammed Havok’s face into the mat for a pin attempt, then chocked her out on the second rope.

Dashwood pulled her into the middle of the ring and locked in a full nelson, but Havok made it to her feet and she backed Dashwood into a corner and then slipped Dashwood off her back.

Dashwood then ran into a big boot and followed it with a kick, knee strike, and a backbreaker for a near pinfall.

Havok hoisted her up and Dashwood tried a sunset flip, but Havok picked her up and threw her into a corner.

Dashwood sidestepped her charge and rolled Havok up, but even with her feet on the ropes Havok kicked out.

Nevaeh with the assist

Havok readied to hit a tombstone piledriver but Kaleb distracted her, and Havok then missed a leg drop.

Dashwood hit a Spotlight Kick for the win.

This was unexpected, but it’s great to see Dashwood getting more aggressive and scoring some wins.

Nevaeh came in and dropped Kaleb and started beating him and ripped off his neck brace as she hit a DDT.

Looks like they haven’t broken up after all and Impact Wrestling Results is happy for them. We hope to see Knockouts tag gold around their waists at some point.

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