Impact Wrestling Results (3/23) – Don Callis and Kenny Omega send a Message to Rich Swann

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Tony Kahn, Don Callis, Kenny Omega joined Tony Schiavone for the weekly paid advertisement and ran down tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite.

Kahn said they invited Omega and Callis to talk about his match with Matt Sydal for a chance to earn a championship match.

Omega said he did the math and said there’s zero percent chance Omega will lose and they walked out, saying they should be paid for this.

Schiavone then ran down the rest of AEW Dynamite’s card.

Outside Omega’s locker room, the Good Brothers knocked but no one answered and they had a debate about whether they were in there or not and it might be a message about the tag titles.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis’ message to Rich Swann

Omega made a big scene of having everything placed specifically for him as he entered the ring.

Callis handed him the mic and Omega complained about Gia Miller and how they’re wasting his time.

Callis said he can fire whomever he wants as it’ll soon be his home.

Callis added that soon it won’t just be his home, but he’ll have the championship belt that belongs to. He said how he greased the wheels last week when he came out to talk to Ricch Swann.

He added that he can have everything he wants but Swann will never forget the One Winged Angel Omega hit him.

He told Swann he can prepare all he wants but no one’s ever kicked out of a One Winged Angel, and Omega supported that.

Omega said that the 25 pounds of gold he currently has isn’t enough, and they talked about adding to it and Callis ran down a list of some of the best champions in history.

Callis said when he’s asked what it’ll mean and he said he’s prepared to do anything it takes to ensure the legacy and greatness of Kenny Omega except her said Rich Swann instead of Omega. Whoops.

He promised to suck out every bit of talent in Impact to feed Omega. He even had his production staff put together a montage of Omega’s One Winged Angel.

Callis said they’ll get the long version and have a viewing party at his house.

Omega then said there’s been nothing but fear in Impact since he first appeared there and he said there’s no reason for him to be there except for the Impact World Championship.

Omega then promised Swann will just be a footnote in Omega’s history of professional wrestling.

Omega added that Impact has no one that can beat him and no one will pry the AEW championship from him until he’s cold and dead.

He’s coming for Swann and doesn’t care what it takes to win the titles. He added it’s more than Impact, AEW, and wrestling everywhere as it’s history.

Callis promised that at Rebellion he and Omega will do whatever they can to make history.

Violent By Design conditions Rhino

Eric Young said if he was going to create a warrior, he’d make him big and strong and without remorse as remorse is a sign of weakness.

He then said he didn’t have to create Rhino as he’s Violent By Design from birth and he only had to show him the war machine he was designed to be.

Young said they were seduced by the stories their leaders told them, but now they have the power to conquer this world.

This was an awesome video segment that fits in perfectly with Violent By Design’s other vignettes.

Havok and Nevaeh are back

Gia Miller asked Nevaeh and Havok how they’re feeling after their win last week and they said they’re feeling great and may go after the tag titles again.

Fire ‘N Flava interrupted them and challenged them to step up to the plate, but it won’t be for the titles since they have to earn that.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb with a Ki came up and Kaleb said they got lucky last week.

Dashwood said it’s been a while and she hasn’t found the right partner yet.

Havok said she’s not interesting and Dashwood said she was talking to Nevaeh.

Kaleb when to take a picture with Dashwood and Nevaeh but Havok pushed her aside and she and Kaleb headed off.

Impact Wrestling Results are curious what we can expect going forward from these six. Looks like it could be fun.

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