Impact Wrestling Results (3/9) – Jazz w/Jordynne Grace Defeated Tasha Steelz w/Kiera Hogan by Submission

Jazz locked in an STF for the win

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This should be another good one as Impact Wrestling Results never miss a chance to see Jazz in action.

Steelz looked intense and then seemed to show Jazz respect, though it felt more like she was playing with her.

They locked up and Jazz hit an arm drag, and then on their second lockup Jazz sidestepped her and let Steelz face plant herself.

Steelz rolled to the floor to gather herself, the headed back in and did a go behind and a side headlock and takedown.

Nice change in Steelz game plan.

Jazz used a head scissors to counter the headlock, and Steelz slipped out and mocked Jazz.

So, Jazz shoved her, then locked in a headlock and took Steelz over, and Steelz reversed it into a leg scissors, which Jazz reversed it into a sharpshooter type of hold, but Steelz was in the ropes.

Steelz tripped Jazz into the ropes and put her in the corner where she hit a pair of running elbows and a jumping neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

Steelz locked in a rear chin lock and Jazz tried to fight out, but Steelz drove her back into the corner and hit a couple of shoulders, then hit the ring post when Jazz sidestepped her charge.

A couple of pin attempts by Jazz followed, and Steelz hit a Falcon’s Arrow for a pin attempt, and then Jazz nailed her with a couple of strikes and a clotheslines.

Jazz hit a Samoan Drop for a near pinfall, and Steelz hit a jawbreaker.

Jazz dodged the jumping pump kick and hit s sit out power slam for a near pinfall.

Hogan got on the apron to distract the referee, and Grace pulled her off and onto the floor.

Jazz then locked in an STF for the submission win.

This was a great back and forth and our compliments to both competitors. Great match overall.

Susan challenged ODB

Backstage, Gia Miller brought in ODB and asked if she’ll win the Knockouts Championship and she said oh yeah, and the meet and great will be open all night.

She predicted she’ll be a five time champion

Susan interrupted her and demanded a one on one match with her after she nearly broke her arm last week and ODB offered her one tonight and Susan accepted, saying she’ll be alone because she’s Susan.

Callihan’s handiwork

Trey Miguel found Sam and asked if he’s okay, and he said Sami Callihan’s okay.

Trey tried to tell him Callihan’s lying to him, and his student told him Callihan would say that and also that Trey would be too cowardly to accept a match from him.

When Trey declined, he told Trey Callihan was right that he lacks passion.

Trey then accepted, so it looks like we have another match later tonight as well. Looks like we get to see the next part of Callihan’s plan go into motion. Impact Wrestling Results expects this to be interesting.

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