Impact Wrestling Results (3/9) – Scott D’Amore Announces Title Unification Match at Sacrifice and a Title for Title against AEW’s Kenny Omega at Rebellion

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Scott seemed happy a contract was signed as Moose was in the ring calling D’Amore out about what he has to say and demanded D’Amore to come to the ring.

D’Amore said the news can’t wait any longer and it was time to let the world know as he left his office to head to the ring.

We have a feeling this is going to be good and we can’t wait.

In the ring, Moose continued to demand D’Amore to come out as his patience was running thing.

Huge news

Moose refused to leave the ring until D’Amore came out, and D’Amore headed out after a brief delay.

D’Amore told him there was no disrespect intended by making him wait but before he made his announcement he had to have Rich Swann in the ring as well.

Swann came out, making sure to keep his eyes on Moose as he entered the ring.

D’Amore thanked him for joining them and said there’s something that’s been bothering him about Moose claiming to be the TNA World Champion, and he didn’t think him picking it up made him a champion.

He said two champions are one too many, and he announced both titles are on the line for a world title unification match, winner take all.

Swann and Moose postured, and D’Amore said there’s something he forgot, and whoever wins on Saturday will be in the main event at Rebellion.

He said that night isn’t just any night as they’ll be a part of history with a title vs. title match against AEW’s World Champion Kenny Omega

In D’Amore’s office, Don Callis talked to Omega on the phone and said it’s done just like they planned.

Talk about surprising news, though there was talk of it being a dream match kind of deal as soon as the two companies started working together.

What do you think of it and who do you think will win this weekend at Sacrifice? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining Impact Wrestling Results.

We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all again.

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