Jim Cornette Roasting IWF (Isolation Wrestling Federation) for their One Year Anniversary Celebration

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Nothing like being celebrating a one year anniversary with Jim Cornette roasting IWF (Isolation Wrestling Federation).

2020 will lone be a year remembered for various things by different people, but one of the best memories will be the beginning of the IWF.

Born in the early days of the pandemic, the IWF was started as a way for creators to indulge themselves as cosplay wrestlers.

It came during a time when people were letting their creativity flourish because, well, they had little to nothing else to do.

Awesome idea

The concept came about with most sporting and entertainment outlets shut down and the IWF founders, The Advertisers guitarist Casey Hopkins, the Riddles guitarist and singer Jimi Riddle, and Gerald MacNeil and Mathew Casey.

It was a way for creators of all walks to let their creative juices flow while cosplaying as professional wrestlers.

Being Instagram based and the world’s first and only No Contact wrestling federation, the IWF profile and website explains the rules to take part.

The rules are anyone interested can introduce your character in a 30 second promo video (think WWE style) on Instagram and tag IWF with @isolationwrestlingfederation and the hashtag #iwfpros.

It’s pretty simple and ingenious and has gained the attention of several in the professional wrestling world and could possibly open the door for those wanting to give professional wrestling a try.


As with anything, there are plenty of people that scoff at the idea of people cosplaying wrestlers, especially considering cosplayers are often frowned on in general.

Some of those may even be professional wrestlers as it could be viewed as mocking them or something along those lines. That’s understandable and it is what it is. Opinions may change or they may not.

For us and many others, it’s simply a fun and creative way for people to scratch their creative itch and possibly live their childhood dreams of being a professional wrestler even if just for 30 seconds.

Celebratory roast

To celebrate their one year anniversary on March 22, the IWF invited famed and often infamous wrestling personality Jim Cornette to roast them in celebration.

As a fan of Jim Cornette, his deliver was awesome as he roasted them gloriously, often inserting jokes on AEW and other promotions as a whole, which matches his opinions shared on his podcast.

For those of us that enjoy his wrestling podcast, Cornette’s quick wit, honesty, and comical edge has only made this more interesting to us.

Jim Cornette roasting IWF is the perfect way to celebrate the IWF’s first year in existence, and we’re looking forward to many more.

Will you cut a promo for IWF? Let us know what you have in mind in the comments below.

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