Lacey Evans Reveals WWE Future Following Shocking Pregnancy Announcement!

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Lacey Evans has spoken frankly on her future following the recent announcement of her pregnancy. The news was a shock at the time given that there was confusion as to whether it was simply part of her story arc or actually real. As events transpired, we found out it was the latter. 

Lacey Evans Speaks On Her Future Following The Recent Announcement Of Her Pregnancy

In an interview on The Bella Twins podcast, Lacey revealed that she had no regrets over leaving the sport given the value she places on motherhood. She said: “I had a huge title opportunity at Elimination Chamber. WrestleMania is coming up. But, you know, motherhood. It’s women and sports entertainment. We’re blessed to be able to birth children and extend our families.”

Although she is clearly happy, she could not help but acknowledge that there was a missed opportunity in not being able to compete. She added: “But we also have jobs to do in sports, like physical, athletic jobs. So, it’s a blessing and a curse. Don’t get me wrong. I’m so head over heels excited.

“My husband, I’ve been with him since I was 15. My daughter has been begging for a sibling since NXT. End of the day, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m a mother. My husband deserves as many babies as he wants to have.”

So did Lacey regret the decision? Not in the slightest as her previous endeavours have given her financial stability that has made it the right time to pursue a family. She has previously acknowledged (in other interviews) that she wanted a family, and with age slowly catching up, it was the right time to have a child.

She continued: “So, I have a good job. I’m still able to pay my bills. I’m very blessed. I wondered how it works to be a woman in WWE when it comes to pregnancy. I am not one to just sit back and be quiet. I knock on the door and say, ‘When is a good time? I’m not being used. I always wanted to be another mom.”

It is good to see Lacey doing so well in her life, even if it is a disappointment to have her missing. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. Please also remember to stay up to date with the latest news on TheOvertimer. Don’t forget to visit Gamestingr for great videos, news, and gameplay!

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