OVW TV 1124 Recap – “A Decade of Villainy”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1124 Recap as we celebrate Legacy of Brutality’s Josh Ashcraft’s ten years in OVW.

Sounds like a fun party. Let’s get to the fun.

Shannon the Dude was already with announcers Steven Johnson and Bryan Kennison and this could be interesting.

They announced a four way ladder match in the coming weeks where the competitors will be picked at random and the winner will challenge Jesse Godderz for the National Heavyweight Championship.

William Lutz defeated Star Rider by pinfall

This was a fun match as both have been on fire lately and this pitted the unpredictable style of Lutz against Star Rider’s high flying skill set.

Star Rider had it one after hitting a Famouser, but Lutz rolled him over from his lackadaisical cover to pull out the win.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts

Looks like the Reverend is getting some funding as he had some decorations in the ring with him.

He mentioned Josh Ashcraft’s ten year run and said he probably hasn’t paid a tithe in eleven years. He then introduced Ashcraft.

Ashcraft came out with Steve Michaels and Hy-Zaya flanking him for the celebration.

Roberts told him he remembered when he first arrived and was the gofer and Ashcraft asked him to move on.

Ashcraft spoke for Hy-Zaya and said it feels pretty good to have Ashcraft there for a decade.

Roberts asked him to list some of his favorite wrestlers and matches and Ashcraft said Roberts wasn’t one of them.

Roberts said seeing how he’s dressed he’s not surprised, then Ashcraft stopped Hy-Zaya from going after Roberts, saying they already have enough heat without going after a man of the cloth.

Ashcraft then turned his attention to mocking Roberts’ collection plate, saying all he saw were Nerds and not money.

Roberts then asked Michaels for his thoughts, and thanked Ashcraft on behalf of the Legacy of Brutality for what he’s accomplished.

He called for one last surprise, and the rest of LOB brought a table and cake out.

Ashcraft thanked them and said the only thing that’ll make this better is when they get all the titles.

Ca$h Flo said he’d rather be celebrating with Ashcraft than kicking the stuffing out of Omar Amir.

Amir came out and said every night in OVW is his night, and he called Ashcraft out for calling him a second rate Ahmed Johnson.

The insults started flying, and it was fun to watch.

Amir then came up behind Ashcraft and slammed his face in his cake, then headed to the back.

Championship Belt Upgrade

Luscious Lawrence surprised “HollyHood” Haley J with a shiny new women’s championship and she dropped the old belt in the trash can.

She said they finally upgraded the champion and the championship belt to go with her.

“The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera defeated Adam Swayze w/Rex by pinfall

This was a mismatch in size and power, and Swayze tried to use force against Shera to no success.

After a brief flurry thanks to Swayze’s stunt double, Rex, distracting Shera, Shera easily regained the upper hand.

Rex hit Shera from behind to no effect, and Shera hit a sit out powerbomb for the win.

Rex climbed onto the apron and eventually backed down and carried Swayze to the back.

Super Heavyweight Open Challenge – “Big Money” Dimes defeated Big D by pinfall

Keeping in the tradition of these matches, Dimes tried several shoulder blocks off the ropes and Big D didn’t budge, and Big D sent Dimes to the floor with his own shoulder block. Rinse, repeats.

Dimes gained the upper hand after working on Big D’s legs, and eventually hit a cutter for the win.

Gunn wants the National Heavyweight Championship

Tony Gunn approaches Jesse Godderz and gave him grief for abandoning him last week for a beating.

Godderz tried to play it off saying he thought Gunn was trying to be a super hero. Gunn mentioned he likes his championship and Godderz tried to convince him to go after the tag titles.

Gunn wasn’t buying it so Godderz left and told him to think about it. Gunn said he would, but I think we have our next feud.

The Tate Twins (Brent and Brandon Tate) defeated Dustin Jackson and Drew Hernandez by pinfall

This should be a fun one with the skill and athleticism on hand. We can’t wait.

Hernandez and Jackson showed good team work early on with a cool sandwich move and a double face plant.

It took a while, but the Tate Twins picked up the pace of the match and used their high flying skills and mat work to work Hernandez over and gain the upper hand in the later part of the match.

Brandon Tate rolled up Hernandez after Hernandez accidentally knocked Jackson out of the ring when Brandon sidestepped his charge.

This was a fun match, though there were a couple of spots where it looked like one had to wait on the other, but it happens.

Overall, we enjoyed the show and are looking forward to seeing where some of these storylines go.

What did you think of the show and which storyline are you enjoying? Let OVEW TV 1124 Recap know in the comments below, and thank you for joining us.

As always, we had a great time and can’t wait for next week. See you all then!

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