OVW TV 1125 Recap (3/7) – “Mammoth Obstacles”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1125 Recap! This week looks like it’s going to be a fun episode as the process for the number one contender to face Jessie Godderz for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship begins.

Luscious Lawrence w/”Hollyhood” Haley J defeated Heath Hatton by pinfall

This was a fun match as Hatton gave Lawrence everything he could handle until Haley J did her part to distract and intervene.

Hatton used Haley to turn the tables and nearly score a win, but Lawrence prevailed with his One Night Stand running power slam.

Gunn pulls the plug

Tony Gunn responded about the tag title picture and Jessie Godderz, and he was interrupted by a recorded message for Godderz on a tv screen.

Godderz cut a promo how the Tate Twins should be worried despite Gunn not wanting to take part in a tag match.

Gunn switched the TV off by pulling the plug.

“The Nephilim” D’Mon Solavino defeated “Delicious” Van Vicious by pinfall

This should be a fun one between two good young talents.

After Solavino told Vicious to lay down and accept the win, Vicious let his feelings known and put up a good fight.

The ending looked like a low blow by Solavino, but the referee missed it and Solavino scored the win.

Solavino locked in a crossface around the ring post as his new mean streak continues.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts

It’s always great to see our favorite segment, and Roberts pointed out he’s got some Snickers and other treats in the collection plate and passed it around.

After a rundown of his accomplishments this past week, and brought out “The Mayan Mauler” Drew Hernandez and Dustin Jackson. This should be fun after last week’s miscommunication.

After saying they’re best friends, Roberts had a couple of clips play to show their relationship, and the first one was how Hernandez arrived too late to save a pin attempt.

They said everything’s fine, and Roberts then showed when Hernandez hit Jackson from behind to cost them the match.

Hernandez asked him what Roberts is trying to do, and the good reverend said he’s trying to make sure their friendship lasts and ensures the hard times.

He said he’s not their fault that Jackson always beats Hernandez in singles matches and Jackson agreed.

Hernandez took it personally, and challenged Jackson to prove he can beat him next week. To be fair, Jackson is undefeated against Hernandez, so this should be a good match.

Dimes bites off more than he can chew

Dimes cut a promo about his weight gainer to be as big as him when LOB came up and asked if he’s seen Omar Amir anywhere.

Josh Ashcraft spotted his Super Heavyweight Challenge and said next week Dimes can face a real super heavyweight in Big Zo.

“The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera defeated “The Co-Star” Rex w/ Adam Swayze by pinfall  

This is going to be a fun one after last week’s stare down and this will be Shera’s first real test since arriving in OVW.

Rex stood up to Shera’s best shots early on and took Shera down with relative ease and continued pushing Shera to the limit.

Shera got fired up but was unable to knock Rex off his feet despite knocking him to the floor following a third shoulder block.

Shera then hit a pop up powerbomb for the win.

“Hollyhood” Haley J w/Luscious Lawrence defeated Ella by pinfall

Ella’s a fun competitor and this is going to be a fun one.

Ella took control early on as she took the fight to Haley J while Lawrence grabbed Ella’s doll friend and distracted her for Haley to hit her from behind and hit a Heels for the Hood for the win.

Qualifying Match – “The Golden Boy” AJZ defeated Omar Amir by pinfall

The winner will enter the four-way ladder match to determine the challenger for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

Before the match got started, Josh Ashcraft joined the commentary team.

This was a fun back and forth early on with AJZ gaining the upper hand and working on Amir’s right arm.

Amir took over with a series of clothesline and countering a tilt the whirl into a sidewalk slam and a spinebuster for a pin attempt, but Hy-Zaya and Steve Michaels distracted the referee.

Ca$h Flo hit Amir with a crossbody for AJZ to pin him.

After the match, Ashcraft told Amir he learned what it means to cross the Legacy of Brutality, especially after disrupting Ashcraft’s ten year celebration last week.

Ashcraft then declared war on Amir for the OVW National Heavyweight Championship.

This was a great show and we’re excited to see what’s next between Omar Amir and the LOB, and if Tony Gunn and Jesse Godderz can coexist.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for joining OVW TV 1125 Recap. We had fun like always and can’t wait until next time.

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