OVW TV 1126 Recap (3/14) – “The Rockstar vs. The Sinner”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1126 Recap!

This should be a run episode as Ryan Howe faces Amon to qualify for the 4 Way Ladder Match for a chance to be the number one contender for the OVW National Championship.

Without further ado, let’s get to the action.

Dustin Jackson Defeated “The Mayan Mauler” Drew Hernandez by Pinfall 

This should be a fun match between the best friends.

Hernandez took control early, using his size and strength to his advantage as he pounded and threw Jackson around the ring.

Hernandez dominated throughout but Jackson managed to steal a victory by slipping out of a powerbomb to roll up Hernandez for the win.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts

These are always fun. Can’t wait to see what trouble he stirs up this week.

He asked for those of us at home to send money through cashapp and he’ll send us a blessing. He has to build his congregation, right?

With that out of the way, he introduced “The Fanny Pack Kid” Kal Herro.

Roberts said he loves watching him and he’s his daughter’s favorite wrestler, but he saw Tony Gunn nearly knock his head off on OVW Overdrive.

Roberts thanked him for being humble, and Herro thanked him for inviting him out and gave Roberts a top 80s cd and asked Tony Gunn for another chance to prove himself.

Gunn came out and stood across from Herro, making sure to cover Roberts’ mic so we couldn’t hear them.

After a brief exchange, Gunn turned to walk away. He turned and hit a Kill Shot and pounded away on Herro.

Gunn then grabbed the mic and refused a rematch.

Roberts told Herro this is what being humble gets him and he’d help him up but it requires more than a 80s hit track.

“HollyHood” Haley J and Luscious Lawrence came out, and she mocked Herro and then tried to rip off the offering plate as we headed to commercial.

Not the best break timing and we have no clue how the confrontation ended but we assume it was peaceful-ish.

“HollyHood” Haley J w/Luscious Lawrence Defeated Charlie Kruel by Pinfall

This started off a little strange and Haley J knocked the offered breakfast pastry from Kruel’s hand, and then attacked her when Kruel attempted to play pattycake.

Haley threw her around the ring early on as she dominated and hit a Hood Kick for the win. Kruel never even got a shot in for her debut.

“The Indian Lion” Mahabali Shera Defeated “The Complete Package” Tony Bizo by Pinfall 

This will be Shera’s toughest challenge in OVW to date star power wise and this should be a good one.

Bizo started it off by throwing his jacket into Shera’s face and slipping out of the ring. Smartest thing anyone’s done against Shera yet.

After no selling a dropkick, Shera dragged Bizo back into the ring and proceeded to maul him before he hit his sit out powerbomb.

This was shorter than we expected, but it was still fun as Shera continued to build since his arrival.

Super Heavyweight Open Challenge – “Big Money” Dimes Defeated Big Zo w/Josh Ashcraft by Pinfall

Zo wasted no time in overpowering Dimes and whipping him into the corner one handed a couple of times.

Dimes went for his Change Maker cutter, but Zo just tossed him across the ring.

Omar Amir came to ringside and threw Ashcraft into the ring and the referee gave him grief. Amir tripped Zo when he went off the ropes and Dimes finally hit his Change Maker for the win.

Looks like Dimes’ streak as a super heavyweight continues.

Qualifying Match – “The Rock Star” Ryan Howe Defeated “Satan’s Favorite Sinner” Amon by Pinfall

The winner will enter the 4 Way Ladder match for a chance to face the OVW National Champion Oma Amir.

Howe played his guitar in the ring and Amon covered his ears and cowered in the corner throughout the solo.

Once the match started, Amon showed what he thought of Howe’s playing by nearly eating the guitar pick and spitting it out.

Howe locked in a front face lock, but Amon mocked him throughout it and Howe’s other offensive attacks.

Amon’s attacks had a greater effect, but Howe kept fighting back and managed to take control.

Howe hit a Chart Topper off the top rope and his Grayskull neckbreaker for the win.

This was a good match and we’re excited to see who will be joining Howe and AJZ in the 4 way ladder match.

We enjoyed the show overall as the pacing was good and they can’t go wrong with Reverend Ronnie Roberts.

What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining OVW TV 1126 Recap. We had a great time and are looking forward to seeing you all next time.

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