OVW TV 1127 Recap (3/18) – “Ca$hing Out”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1127 Recap!

This should be a fun show as we get to see the next qualifying match for the 4 Wat Ladder match to name the number one contender for the OVW National Championship.

Let’s get to the action!

The Nephilim D’Mone Salavino and William Lutz Ended in No Contest

Lutz’s unpredictability should make this a fun match, and sure enough he gave Salavino a major run early on as the momentum shifted back and forth.

After Lutz hit a Spanish Fly off the top rope, the referee called for the bell when Lutz was seriously hurt, but Salavino went after him and landed a couple of blows before dragging him to the apron.

Salavino wrapped Lutz around the ring post as we headed to commercial.

Super Heavyweight Open Challenge – “Big Money” Dimes Defeated Adam Swayze w/Rex by Pinfall

Because they made an impression on Dimes, he wants to face the big man and muscle, Adam Swayze.

Not Rex? We’re not surprised.

Dimes hit Swayze from behind to start the match, but Swayze took it to him and made Dimes miserable until an accident head collide.

Swayze ducked and Dimes threw a handful of protein powder into the referee’s eyes, but then he caught Swayze with a handful and hit a cutter for the win.

We love how Dimes keeps pulling these out no matter who it’s against. Can’t wait to see how far they can go with this bit.

“Double A” Arie Alexander Defeated “The Black Widow” Harley Fairfax by Pinfall

This is going to be a brutal but fun match.

Fairfax dominated early on, but Alexander’s athleticism helped her to hold her own and gain the upper hand.

Alexander hit a face plant for the pin. This was surprising and snuck up on us. Can’t complain about that.

Looking for Ca$h

Omar Amir arrived at a bar looking for Ca$h Flo, but the bartender claimed he couldn’t tell him where Ca$h was.

Amir told him he understands he’s afraid of him, but he wants to know where he is and the bartender can worry about Ca$h or him.

The bartender eventually directed Amir to the back room.

The Good Word with Reverend Ronnie Roberts

Time for our favorite segment and favorite wrestling preacher, and Roberts said he’s sure everyone’s got their stimulus checks and he enlisted a helper to gather tithes for the collection plate.

He then introduced Tony Gunn.

Roberts welcomed him to the Good Word and said he heard through the grapevine that Gunn and Jessie Godderz are forming a tag team.

Gunn said it’s not a “we” in the team, and Godderz wants the gold. He said he’s not letting it go because it’s more money in his pocket.

Roberts then asked him why Gunn is bullying Kal Herro, and Gunn said he’s anything but a bully and he’s teaching Herro respect.

Herro came out and he said he paid for his mistake last week, and said he heard a voice to keep fighting and that’s what he’ll do every week.

Gunn asked why he’d say yes to another match after beating him twice and reiterated his answer is no.

Godderz interrupted on the screen and called Gunn out for not giving Herro a chance.

He offered his idea that Herro put up his fanny pack, otherwise he won’t get the match.

Gunn demanded they cut the feed and he said he’s done with Godderz but accepted a match against Herro next week if his fanny pack is on the line and then stormed to the back.

OVW TV 1127 Recap can’t wait for next week. The third time could be the charm for Herro.

Amir’s on a mission

Amir continued his search in the bar and took a seat on a comfortable sofa as Ca$h played a golf simulator.

Ca$h asked him what does he want as we headed to commercial.

When we returned, they sat at opposite ends of the sofa and Ca$h asked him again what does he want.

Amir said he’s there for Ca$h costing him a shot at the national title and we won’t let that stand.

Ca$h pointed around them and said this is what he does outside of wrestling and Amir is affecting his income.

He said it wasn’t anything personal, and Amir said when he’s done with Ca$h it’ll send a message to the locker room and even ratted out the bartender for telling him Ca$h was there.

Ca$h kept telling him it’s nothing personal, but the Legacy of Brutality will always be on top because they’re about making money.

Qualifying Match – Luscious Lawrence w/”HollyHood” Haley J Defeated Brandon Tate by Pinfall

This should be a fun match as Brandon and Lawrence’s different styles should bring out the best of each other.

Lawrence’s size and strength was too much for Brandon early on, but Brandon knocked Lawrence to the floor with a pair of dropkicks to gain the upper hand.

Tate hit some solid athletic moves while avoiding Lawrence’s offence to hit a cutter, but Tony Gunn came out.

Gunn called Haley over and whispered something to her. Haley then distracted the referee so Gunn could hit a reverse DDT, but it wasn’t enough for Lawrence to score the win.

Haley hit Brandon with her sock of rocks and Lawrence pinned him for the win.

Getting change

Amir and Ca$h slugged it out at Ca$h’s bar, with Ca$h getting the worst of it, including a bottle to the head as the show ended.

This was a fun one and it was cool watching it live on fite.tv. We can’t wait to see who will be the fourth and final competitor in the 4 Way Ladder Match.

Who do you think it’ll be? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for joining OVW TV 1127 Recap. We had a great time like always and can’t wait to see you all next week.

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