Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary Results: Mark Briscoe vs. Flip Gordon

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If it wasn’t for Flip Gordon being paid by EC3 to cost The Briscoes a match against Dragon Lee & Kenny King, they could be ROH World Tag Team Champions right now. But Gordon shoved Mark Briscoe off the top rope to screw the Briscoes, and now has to deal with the consequences of his actions. Mark Briscoe is now pissed off, and has his focus on Flip Gordon as they clash tonight.

Mark Briscoe Throws Hands Early

No Code of Honor here, as both men started fast with some strikes. Gordon took the early edge before sending Briscoe off the ropes. Briscoe hit a heavy chop and a boot, before hitting an early brainbuster on Gordon. This got a two count, before he’d hit a back suplex and the flipping senton for another.

Gordon fought back by setting Briscoe up on the top rope and hitting the Kinder Surprise kick, sending Briscoe to the outside. This was the same move that cost The Briscoes the shot at the tag titles, and fired Mark up. However, this was what Gordon wanted and when Briscoe got back in, Gordon mauled him with quick strikes before hitting a Fisherman Suplex.

Briscoe kicked out at two, before hitting an Eye Of The Hurricane, a new move for Gordon. Gordon took his time getting to the top rope, and Briscoe cut him down before sending him off the apron. Briscoe would join Gordon outside, hitting a running blockbuster off the apron.

Flip Gordon Just Cares About Winning

Back in the ring, Briscoe wanted Froggy-Bow, but Gordon popped up and hit a kick to the head. Briscoe wouldn’t be taken off the top rope, and almost powerbombed Gordon to the ground first. When Gordon countered and got Briscoe standing up, he hit a superplex.

They’d both be slow to their feet before trading blows in the middle of the ring. Chops and elbows would fly, but Briscoe is the better brawler. Gordon hit a jumping knee but took a jumping forearm and a boot to the face, sending him the outside. A Spicy Dropkick through the ropes took Gordon out, and Briscoe grabbed a chair.

He’d set it up for a dive, but Gordon stopped him from flying. The referee took the chair out of the ring, Gordon hit a low blow and Flip-5 for the win. Gordon just cares about winning. Will Gordon cash in his World Title shot soon? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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