Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary Results: Mexisquad vs. Shane Taylor Promotions [ROH World Six Man Championship Match]

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In a night full of blood feuds and faction warfare, it’s nice to have a simple set up for a match. Mexisquad recently lost the ROH World Six Man Championships to Shane Taylor Promotions in a great match. Now, they have a rematch to regain the championships. Kaun, Moses & Shane Taylor bring power, while Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus bring insane speed. Last time power won, but this one could go either way.

Mexisquad Starts Fast

As Shane Taylor Promotions made their entrance, Mexisquad hit from behind and sent them outside. Bandido hit a Fosbury Flop over the top rope to hit Shane Taylor. Mexisquad isolated and beat down Taylor in the ring with double dropkicks and frog splashes keeping him down. Moses & Kaun helped regain control, and Taylor got a tag from Kaun.

Kaun got tripped up and hit with a moonsault & leg drop, but Mexisquad took a second to talk as Moses walked in and threw his weight around. Moses nailed a spear and Shane Taylor hit a swinging Flatliner for a two count. Taylor went to the middle rope, but missed the diving splash.

Who Can Stop Shane Taylor Promotions?

Flamita had an issue and couldn’t get on the same page as Mexisquad, before they hit a triple splash, with Flamita & Horus on the back of Bandido crashing onto Taylor. Moses & Kaun got this one back in control, hitting the Victory Lap on Bandido. Flamita & Horus took them out of the ring, before Taylor crawled back in and was hit with a 619. Bandido and Flamita messed up a German Suplex senton, and Flamita was just dropped on the mat.

Taylor uncorked a big right hand, before taking a Satellite DDT from Horus. Moses ran Horus over, before Kaun hit a Avalanche Jackhammer, and alongside Moses hit an elevated DDT for the win. Shane Taylor was off in this match, likely due to the recent betrayal of Kenny King & failure to win the ROH World Championship. However, Moses & Kaun stepped up, and Shane Taylor Promotions remained champions.

Flamita was also not on the same page, and there might be a tear in Mexisquad, due this issue. Bandido & Flamita argued in the ring after the match, and Horus requested a three way match later tonight to clear their issues, and it was approved.

Who will win that match later tonight? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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