Ring Of Honor Results: Dragon Lee & Kenny King vs. Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal [ROH World Tag Team Championship Match]

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Last week on Ring Of Honor (ROH), La Facción Ingobernable members Dragon Lee & Kenny King would overcome the 11-time Ring Of Honor Tag Team Champions The Briscoes to earn their shot. This puts them against Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham, members of The Foundation.

Foundation & LFI look at ROH in very different ways, but tonight things will go down under Lethal & Gresham’s terms, with a Pure Rules tag team match. Pure Rules tag matches are still very new this being the second one ever. Both teams only get three rope breaks and one closed hand punch, and saving a partner in the ring counts as a rope break. Saving a partner with no rope breaks left means a DQ!

Can The Foundation keep their 466 day reign alive, or will LFI add the Tag Team Championships to their trophy cabinet?

Kenny King & Dragon Lee Burn Through Their Rope Breaks

Code of Honor would be adhered to, LFI forced to obey due to Pure Rules. Gresham started with Dragon Lee, who has a 5-1 record over Gresham outside of ROH. Lee would be locked in a hammerlock by Gresham, and in his inexperience with the Pure Rules, he used his team’s first rope break not even a minute into the match!

More grappling would see Lee take Gresham down with some arm drags, and they both kept pace until we got a stalemate. King got the tag, and Gresham tagged in Lethal to face him. Lethal would show his wrestling prowess, but King is the best pure wrestler in LFI. King used the open palm strike to avoid a Figure Four Leg Lock, before being taken over with the headlock.

Lethal would maintain control on the mat through failed pin attempts, until he’d get the Figure Four Leg Lock. King used up his team’s second rope break to escape, giving them one more save after four minute in this match. Lee got a tag, Lethal reminding him about their lack of rope breaks before grabbing a headlock.

Lethal would catch Lee in the corner with a clubbing blow to the back, but Lee would use LFI’s one closed fist punch to break free of a powerbomb attempt, getting a warning. He’d hit the missile dropkick, sending Lethal to the outside before hitting a big suicide dive through the middle rope before we went to commercial break.

Jonathan Gresham Gets Caught With An Illegal Blow

During the break, Dragon Lee & Kenny King remained in control, with King getting a near fall with the Tiger Driver. King went to the top rope, but Lethal took him down with a dragon screw off the top rope. Gresham got the tag alongside Lee, before they’d trade heavy blows in the middle of the ring. Lee took a mid kick and a dropkick, before he’d take Gresham to his corner so King could get involved.

Instead, King accidentally kicked Lee in the face, before Gresham took him down into the cradle pin. Kenny King broke this up, using the last LFI rope break in the process. Gresham & Lethal went for the combination cutter, but Lee countered out with a driver and a knee to the back of the head. King rolled into the ring and rolled Gresham into a brainbuster, before Lee hit the Incineration Knee Strike! Lethal had to break the pinfall up, using their first rope break. King would shove Amy Rose in the way of a dive, distracting the referee while Lee used another punch behind his back. This was enough to put Gresham down, and give LFI the gold!

Once ROH officials take a look at this footage, we will see a rematch between these teams due to the cheating win. Will Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham regain the ROH Tag Team Championships? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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