Ring Of Honor Results: Shane Taylor vs. RUSH [ROH World Championship Match]

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Shane Taylor has been on an absolute tear since he first became Ring Of Honor TV Champion, and kept that momentum to this very day. He might have been beaten by Dragon Lee, but that was his only singles loss in years. Since then, he’s beaten the likes of Jay Lethal, Kenny King & Jay Briscoe in singles action, climbing to this shot at the Ring Of Honor Championship.

RUSH is similarly unbeatable, only PCO being able to beat him in a hardcore brawl at Final Battle 2019. He since regained the title, and proved himself as dominant as ever. Shane Taylor is the people’s champion of ROH, winning a fan vote to get this shot.

Taylor wants to give fans a champion they can be proud of. Moses & Khan would be around to help fend off LFI, who were pivotal in RUSH defeating Brody King months ago.

A Proper Heavyweight Fight

There would be no Code Of Honor in this match, RUSH kicking the hand of Taylor aside. RUSH would charge in, and Taylor got the standing switch but RUSH slipped out. Taylor & RUSH were evenly matched, before RUSH choked Taylor. He’d take a chop as a receipt, before they’d just charge into each other with shoulder tackles.

RUSH won out, before he ran right into a planting spinebuster from Taylor. Taylor kicked him in the head, and dumped him out of the outside. RUSH would be driven into the barricade, before being hit with one of Taylor’s bone crunching strikes. Taylor took RUSH for another ride into the barricade, and took more heavy strikes.

RUSH was hit with a DDT off the apron, but back in the ring came back with a running dropkick. Turnabout is fair play, and RUSH would take Taylor outside to ram him into the barricades. He’d even find and open the door on the barricades, and use the 50lb door to slam off the skull of Taylor.

Taylor was thrown into the barricade again, before RUSH grabbed some cords from under the ring. RUSH would whip him with them before choking him, but referee Todd Sinclair would give leniency due to how big of a match this was. He’d free Taylor, and let them get into the ring.

RUSH Takes Shane Taylor Out, After Taylor Is Betrayed

Back in the ring, Taylor went for a big boot in the corner, but RUSH countered and hit a strike. RUSH knocked him down into the bottom before teasing Bulls Horns, but instead throwing a mocking kick to the face. He might regret this as Taylor fired back with heavy open handed chops in the corner.

RUSH & Taylor went to the middle of the ring, before RUSH was rolled into the heavy knee strike. If that wasn’t enough of a knockout blow, Taylor turned him inside out with a lariat for a two count. A sitout spinebuster from Taylor got a near fall, and RUSH came back with a German Suplex and double knee strike.

Nothing aside from their finishing blows will end this, but Taylor was tripped onto the ropes and hit with a leg drop before a lazy pinfall all the same. RUSH set Taylor up again, and hit a double stomp this time for a near fall. Taylor got back up, and picked up steam with heavy blows in the middle of the ring. They’d nearly beat each other unconscious, taking a second to breathe before getting ready to end it.

Taylor hit a headbutt into the Package Piledriver, getting barely one. RUSH was fired up and hit the Belly To Belly Suplex into the corner. Taylor was in position, and RUSH wanted to keep him there. However, RUSH can into the referee while setting up Bulls Horns.
La Bestia Del Ring came down with a steel chair for his son, and Kenny King left commentary to be the voice of reason.

RUSH promised King a clean fight with Taylor, or so it seemed. King would whack his former partner and friend in the head with the chair. RUSH hits the superman punch, and the Bulls Horns is next. Taylor was out, and RUSH retains.

Aside from a messy finish, this was a helluva fight between two of the best Ring Of Honor has to offer. If RUSH didn’t have so much value as champion, Taylor would have been an easy winner here, though that victory should come with a crowd. His climb to the championship is just starting. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (*** ¾)

Who will challenge RUSH next for the Ring Of Honor championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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