This Day in Wrestling History (2-29-20) – Jon Moxley Became AEW Champion

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This Day in Wrestling History comes to us from a leap year, so it is kinda cheating on our part.

But do we really want to wait three more years to remember this moment?

For many, AEW was a breath of fresh air in the professional wrestling world as it gave us an alternative to the WWE. It also opened the flood gates as they brought in Indie talent many of us never saw before.

Chris Jericho was the perfect choice as their first world champion, and Jon Moxley was the perfect next champion and it came at the right time in what ended up being Jericho’s favorite AEW match.

It was a great moment that helped propel Moxley into the top of the wrestling rankings worldwide and led to a great run of his own.

In Moxley’s words

There’s nothing better than hearing these things from the people themselves, and we want to give a special thank you to @awrestlinghistorian for the quote and fun fact about this being Jericho’s favorite match.

“I’m feeling pretty fucking good about it to be honest with you. If I was 25, a moment like that, there would have had more anger, a little more temper tantrum tendencies…

“I just knew in the bottom of my heart, this man (Chris Jericho) can’t pin me, he cannot submit me, he will not beat me, he’s going to have to kill me. He’s going to have to knock me out, and I don’t think he can do it so I have to have eyes in the back of my head and make sure I don’t get tripped up. He’s been trying to throw every obstacle at me for the last two months from stabbing me in the eye, from trying to trick me into joining his stupid group from beatdowns, getting jumped, throwing assassins at me and I’ve survived all these things. The whole time just staying focused on the task, getting the job done.

“That feeling of satisfaction, a piece of work, that artistic satisfaction. Eight weeks of beginning to end. It’s like popping fucking bubble wrap, it’s so satisfying. It’s why we do this and to be standing there in that arena full of 6,000 people who are just so happy, and they’ve been on the ride and been on the journey…it’s like a painting I can hang on my wall and I can always look at it.” – Jon Moxley post match interview.

There’s something about Moxley that’s just fun to listen to when he really gets going, and that helped to make This Day in Wrestling History a fun one to remember.

What’s your favorite AEW moment?

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