Train Wreck Theater: Wrestling Society X #2

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We’re getting into episode two of Wrestling Society X which aired on MTV between 2006 and 2007. Our musical guests and guest commentators for the show are my favorite hip-hop group of all-time Three 6 Mafia. 

Well, the duo Three 6 Mafia. The group had pretty much whittled down the two sometime after they won an Oscar for the score to Hustle & Flow.

Back to the wrestling! Let see what storylines we have going on here. 

Storylines in This Episode 

We have the aftermath of the WSX Rumble with 6-Pac taking on Vampiro to crown the first WSX Champion. Also, there’s Kaos and Aaron Aguilera (Carlito’s former bodyguard Jesus) attacking the opening wrestlers to avenge Kaos’ loss in the WSX Rumble. 

These two rushed the ring following the opener to attack Luke Hawx. Luke’s partner Al Katrazz was in the Rumble last episode and has beef with Kaos stemming from that. 

Al Katrazz comes out to help Hawx and takes a beating from Kaos and Aguilera. Jesus puts Al on the table and goes to talk with some women in the audience as Kaos climbs the top to put Al through the wood. 

Hawx managed to push Kaos off the top after Al Katrazz got off the table causing the former XPW TV Champion to crash through it! Expect some follow-up next episode! 


Human Tornado vs. Luke Hawx—formerly Alter Boy Luke in XPW—was super brief. It ran for just under 2 minutes but it feels like 30 seconds or a minute even. Tornado picks up the win.  

Nothing to note here really but I wish they would’ve at least gotten the five minutes maximum treatment. The head scissors from Human Tornado to Hawx to the outside was pretty damn ugly but he made up for it with a dope dive from the ring that clears the rail. 

Also on this tier was the brief tag bout between Those 70s Guys (then-PWG’s Disco Machine and Joey Ryan) and Team Dragon Gate (Masato Yoshino and Genki Horiguchi).  

Even then Ryan had to have a little sleaze in the match with his trunks being pulled down to reveal his thong. The match itself was similar to the above: not particularly bad at all and fast-paced. 

It’s in the Low-Tier for the same reason as the opener: it was too short to actually give you anything. Another bout that probably would’ve been Mid-Tier if it had at least three minutes and at most five within Wrestling Society X’s product. 


The main event between 6-Pac and Vampiro for the WSX Championship match was easily the best match of the show and that’s only because it had a little more time than the previous matches. 

Actually, it was a couple of seconds longer than the undercard combined. The title match was a condensed bout that featured their best stuff as is Wrestling Society X’s style and it worked. 

This bout ends after Vampiro manages to get 6-Pac up on the apron and drives him through his EXPLODING coffin with the Nail in the Coffin for the pin. 

Also interesting is that in WSX, a wrestler can be pinned anywhere during a match. Even matches with no stakes so it’s Falls Count Anywhere is just a normal rule in WSX’s rulebook. 

Wrestling Society X #2 Verdict: Safe for Viewing (4.5/10) 

I have to say that this episode wasn’t as wild and wooly as the debut episode but I did like the bit of storyline that was presented. Everything else was just “Here’s a flashy match. Oh, here’s another!” 

The main event was the match of the episode and would’ve been Low-Tier or an opener elsewhere but in WSX, it did the job. It was a textbook main event for this company and MTV. 

Also, remember: in the Train Wreck Theater, the higher the score the worse it is. You can find Wrestling Society X episode two below.

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