WWE 205 Live Results: Ashante Adonis vs. Ariya Daivari

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This past week on 205 Live, Ariya Daivari was unable to defeat August Grey in a fantastic main event match. Grey had to cheat to win, usually something Daivari does. This week, Daivari has another big singles match, against a man he’s never beaten in singles action. With only one previous singles encounter with Ashante Adonis coming earlier this year, Daivari has little to go on, but will bring his A-Game tonight.

Ashante Adonis Continues To Improve

Daivari would shove Adonis off the ropes to start the match, only for Adonis to stand tall with a shoulder tackle before talking some trash. Adonis would have his arm grabbed and attacked by the veteran Daivari, picking the limb apart. Daivari was thrown into the corner and hit with a spear to the mid-section twice, before he’d dodge and hit Adonis with a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring.

Adonis came back with the Air Drop, nailing Daivari below the jaw before going up top. Daivari would cut the legs out from underneath Adonis, before dragging him down into the ring for a brawl. Adonis won out and hit a flapjack, before a falling fist drop. Daivari would take a crossbody off the top rope, but manage to kick out at two.

Ariya Daivari Gets Too Cocky

Adonis set up the Long Kiss Goodnight Superkick, but Daivari fled the ring. Daivari was sent back into the ring quickly, and Adonis went back to the top rope. He’d miss the crossbody, but clear Davari’s head and catch him running in with a spinebuster.

Daivari yanked the hair to slam the head of Adonis into the mat, softening him up for the finishing blow. Adonis was rattled, and the Hammerlock Lariat would do the trick for Daivari. However, Daivari pulled the head of Adonis off the mat, and say he’s not done yet. Daivari went up top and nailed the Persian Splash. He’d assume Adonis was out cold and go for a cocky pinfall, only to be rolled up for the finish.

This puts Adonis over Daivari with a 2-0 record. Would Daivari have been able to pin Adonis off the hammerlock lariat? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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