WWE 205 Live Results: August Grey vs. Ariya Daivari

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There are a few constants in this world. We have death, taxes, and never ending feuds on 205 Live involving Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese. We last saw them on the March 3rd episode of 205 Live, where they lost a tag team match to Jake Atlas & August Grey. Now, Daivari is back for another singles match with August Grey. They have a 1-1 record in singles matches, so tonight might finally prove who is superior.

Ariya Daivari Is The Harder Hitter

Grey & Daivari would lock up and struggle for control, Daivari dropping Grey after hitting a shoulder tackle. Grey grabbed a side headlock, and fought through a backdrop attempt to maintain the hold. Daivari was able to break free eventually, and nail some stinging chops to the chest of Grey.

He’d come back with a running hurricanrana before going back to the headlock on the mat. Daivari fought free and hit a knee strike to the stomach of Grey, before looking for a dropkick. Grey dodged and set up So Much Prettier, but slipped away.

He’d dodge a superkick next, lure Grey to the outside and drop kicked him off the apron. On the outside, Daivari hit a neckbreaker off the apron, getting a two count back in the ring. Another neckbreaker was set up in the ring, Grey countered into a backslide, Daivari rolling through and grabbing a leg for the Figure Four, but almost being pinned after that was countered.

Daivari would fight his way back into control with some clubbing elbow strikes, with Grey coming back with some punches of his own. Grey won the slugfest, before looking for So Much Prettier, Daivari countering into a reverse DDT for a near fall. Daivari went for a frog splash, but Grey rolled out of the way at the last minute.

August Grey Pulls A Page From Daivaris Playbook

Grey looked for a sleeper hold, but Daivari twisted through and shoved Grey off the ropes, and both men collided with lariats in the middle of the ring. They’d struggle back to their feet, and Grey stomped Daivari into the corner. A jawbreaker and a neckbreaker was followed by a northern lights driver for a near fall. The twisting suplex followed, getting another near fall before Daivari nailed a high roundhouse kick.

Grey was set up on the top rope, and taken down with the Iconoclasm, setting up for the Frog Splash perfectly. He’d nail Grey with the splash, but managed to kick out. Daivari went for the figure four, but Grey shoved him off and nailed a crucifix driver. Daivari went to the apron, but Grey slammed him down onto it with an STO.

Grey went to the top rope and went for the rope walk crossbody, but missed Daivari. Daivari tried to roll up Grey but grabbed the ropes. He’d argue with the referee and walk into a superkick. They’d trade finisher attempts, before Grey rolled up Daivari and snuck his legs onto the rope for extra leverage, getting the win!

Will this be the end of their feud? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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