WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor & Curt Stallion vs. Bollywood Boyz (Sumir & Sunil Singh)

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Last week, Mansoor & Curt Stallion fought in a neck in neck singles clash, with Stallion looking to be the one to finally end the win streak of Mansoor. He failed, but there were no hard feelings after the match. These two have found success as a tag team recently, and will look to defeat an OG tag team on the brand, the ever fun Bollywood Boyz. Bollywood Boyz were last in action on the February 17th episode of 205 Live, where alongside Ever-Rise, they lost to Mansoor, Stallion, Ashante Adonis & Jake Atlas. Can they get back on track tonight?

Mansoor Tries To Do This All By Himself

Ever-Rise would join commentary to cheer on their BollyRise brothers in this match, dancing and hugging it out before the match. Mansoor & Sumir would start this one, Mansoor quickly taken down into a series of near falls as Sumir got a crucifix pin and a small package for two. Sumir would get a tag from Sunil, Bollywood Boyz taking Mansoor down with a double back elbow.

Mansoor came back with a set of double dropkicks, but didn’t tag Stallion, instead hitting an atomic drop and kicking, before Mansoor was run down by Sumir with a lariat. He’d get isolated in the Bollywood Boyz corner, and nailed with a double suplex. Sumir grabbed a sleeper hold, before tagging in Sunil to apply a chokehold himself. More quick tags led to Sunil being able to hit a diving elbow drop, and Stallion was ready to break this pinfall up.

Curt Stallion Lets Himself Into This Match

Mansoor was able to shove Sumir into Sunil, and had a chance to make the tag; but didn’t once again. He would show his determination and get back in control, taking down both opponents with lariats and suplexes, before hitting Sumir with a manhattan drop into a spinebuster. Mansoor hit a slingshot cutter on Sunil, before Stallion tagged himself in. Stallion nailed the headbutt on Sumir to take him out, and pinned Sunil to win the match.

What we have here is Mansoor being scared to tag in Stallion, lest he loses his 41 match winning streak. He knew how tough Stallion is, and that there was little risk of this, but still refused to take that chance. Will Stallion & Mansoor have another match in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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