WWE News: Three Superstars That Could Turn Heel Before WrestleMania

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There is still just over a month to go before WrestleMania this year, and a lot can change in the WWE in the run up to the biggest show of the year. There are expected to be twists and turns on the road to the show, and that could mean a number of heel turns to make up some of the biggest matches over the two nights of action. But, which stars could potentially turn heel over the next couple of weeks to build up their respective matches?

WWE News: Drew McIntyre

It looks as though the WWE are heading in the route of Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley at Mania this year, but there could yet be a twist in their story as McIntyre could turn heel before the big show. McIntyre is one of a number of stars that can be as good as a face or heel, which means regardless of what happens he will be among the biggest stars on the card.

However, a heel turn could be exactly what he needs to freshen up his title charge, and that could happen over the coming weeks, as Lashley could easily be the face in their rivalry given the acclaim that he got for winning his first world title in WWE this past week. It’s a long shot, but we wouldn’t rule it out.

WWE News: Rey Mysterio

The plans regarding Rey Mysterio heading into Mania this year seem a little cloudy at present, but one idea that has been muted heading into the big show is that he could potentially go one-on-one with his son Dominick. That would certainly be a story that would be fitting for Mania this year, and could also be one that Rey could be happy to step back after completing.

However, if that story is to happen, then one of them would need to turn heel over the coming weeks. It would be hard to predict which superstar it would be, but it would be engaging to see Rey as a heel for the first time in his career.

WWE News: Charlotte Flair

This is probably the most likely of all the heel turns that we have mentioned here, as there is a strong indication that Charlotte Flair will be challenging for the women’s title at Mania this year.

In truth, Flair works much better as a heel anyway, which means it makes so much sense for her to challenge for her latest title with the fans against her, which they would be regardless of whether she was a face or heel anyway.

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