WWE News: What Does The Fiend’s Return Mean Going Forward?

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It was hardly much of a surprise given the way that the Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt feud has been booked that there was the return of The Fiend during Fastlane on Sunday evening.

The mysterious character got involved in the match between Orton and Alexa Bliss to grab Orton’s foot from underneath the ring, which ultimately led to Bliss picking up the win against the former WWE Champion. But, what does this mean going forward for The Fiend and Bliss?

WWE News: Orton vs Fiend At Mania

There was never any doubt that the WWE were building towards Orton against The Fiend at Mania this year, as that has looked to be the case for the last couple of months. The question is now what kind of match the two superstars will have. A typical singles match on the Grandest Stage looks to be an unlikely option, given that the company have seen Wyatt’s creativity flourish when given the opportunity in cinematic matches over the last couple of years.

We have already seen Swamp and Firefly Funhouse matches for the Fiend over the last couple of years, but it’s unlikely that either of these matches will be the ones that we see at Mania in less than a month’s time. It’s always best to expect the unexpected with The Fiend, and that is what the WWE Universe should anticipate as the two superstars get nearer to their blow-off match at Mania next month.

WWE News: What Happens With Bliss?

The most interesting factor in the build-up to Mania this year could actually focus around what The Fiend’s return means for Bliss. There are likely two possible scenarios that we could see play out. The first of which, sees her still involved with Fiend and Orton, but written off television before the Mania showpiece as a way to level the playing field, as the odds are certainly stacking up against Orton.

However, leaving Bliss off the show would be unfair considering the amazing work that she has done throughout the time that The Fiend has been away from the WWE. Therefore, a more possible route could see Bliss engage in her own rivalry aside from Orton and The Fiend, and instead settle a score with a superstar that done her wrong at the Royal Rumble. A match between Rhea Ripley could be an interesting one, but it does seem that would be incredibly hard to book since neither woman should suffer the loss.

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