WWE NXT Results: Dakota Kai vs. Zoey Stark

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To say last week was hard on Dakota Kai would be an understatement. She had been crowned the one half of the first ever NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Raquel Gonzalez, only to be the one responsible for losing them later that same night. Gonzalez is ready to take the NXT Women’s Championship from Io Shirai, leaving Kai in the dust potentially. Tonight, she faces the rookie Zoey Stark, in an attempt to get her career back on track.

Zoey Stark Holds Her Own

Kai would have her partner by her side for this one, showing no rift after last week’s loss. Stark would lock up with Kai, and be taken down to the mat. Kai would take control of the arm, but Stark used her athletic ability to slip free.

She’d apply a headlock on Kai, before it was turned around on her. Kai was shoved off the ropes and hit with two snug arm drags, before Stark grabbed an armbar on the mat. Stark would lose control on the mat, but nailed a huge lariat to drop Kai.

Kai would hit some strikes of her own, but was unable to get a near fall. She’d whip Stark into the corner and hit a big boot across the jaw, and get another near fall. Kai would look to start to wear Kai down with a bodyscissor hold, but Stark fought free.

She flung herself over Kai in the corner, only for Kai to slip out of the ring and trip her. Kai would spin Stark for a boot, but this was countered. Stark took control and hit a dive to the outside, as we went to a commercial break.

Dakota Kai Channels Shawn Micheals

Coming back from the break, Kai had regained control in the ring and was beating Stark down. WWE NXT Results: Dakota Kai vs. Zoey Stark would dodge a big boot, before both ladies looked for a lariat. She was first to her feet after a double down, hitting a lariat and a half & half suplex for a two count.

Kai would trip Stark into the ropes, before hitting the pump kick to the face of Stark on the apron. Stark came back with a kick of her own, before looking for a German Suplex on the apron.

Kai fought this off, and caught a diving Stark with a superkick, emulating Micheals & Benjamin from the mid-2000’s. Stark was able to kick out, and set up a rolling fireman’s carry, but couldn’t get the dive. Instead, Kai pulled Stark off the top rope and hit Go To Kick for the win.

What does the future hold for Dakota Kai? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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