WWE NXT Results: Karrion Kross vs. Oney Lorcan

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Last week, Karrion Kross ended the NXT Tag Team Championship reign of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Not by winning the match over the tag team championships, but rather by injuring Danny Burch, giving him a separated shoulder. Now the titles are vacant, but Oney Lorcan is still standing and would love to take Kross down as revenge. Lorcan is one of the hardest hitters in all of NXT, and if anyone can chop down Kross, it’s him.

Oney Lorcan Came For A Fight

Lorcan hit the ring in a bad mood, and got right in the face of Kross with rights and lefts. He’d use his speed and keep the strikes coming while dodging the blows of Kross. Kross finally got his hands on Lorcan, and was thrown over the top rope. Lorcan was slammed off the barricade and hit with an elbow strike.

Kross sent Lorcan into the ring, but Lorcan slipped right back out to the other side. A thrust kick to the stomach and an attempt at a suplex would help him none, as Kross hit a suplex instead. Back in the ring, Lorcan hit some chops before being sent back outside.

There, Kross was driven into the apron and hit with a kick to the head back in the ring. Lorcan showed some progress in this match with a running back elbow, before Kross hit a lariat in the middle of the ring as we went to a commercial break.

Karrion Kross Won’t Be Stopped

Back from the break, Kross remained in control through the break. He’d hit some shoulder tackles in the corner, before choking Lorcan with his boot. Kross would hit a suplex before looking for an armbar, but Lorcan got the ropes quickly.

Lorcan was sticking in this one, but after being dumped with an exploder suplex. Kross said he didn’t regret what he did to Burch, and that fired Lorcan up. He’d send Kross into the ring post, and nail an armbreaker. Kross woke up the Lorcan who beat the hell out of Thatcher last year, and he grabbed Kross by the face and chopped his face.

Lorcan followed up with a chop block and some running uppercuts, but Kross dodged a neckbreaker to hit a big boot. A Saito Suplex dropped Lorcan, and the elbow strike to the back of the head took him out for good.

After the match, Balor came out and explained that Kross fights on emotion. Balor learned to control his emotions, and now he’s unstoppable. That’s why Balor will win, because Kross will make emotional mistakes, while Balor will be calculated and will drown him. Will this be the result at NXT Takeover? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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