WWE NXT Results: LA Knight In-Ring Debut Against August Grey

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While LA Knight has a lot of value on the microphone, he’s made that much clear since making his debut at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day. Now though, it’s time to make his way into the ring.

Last week, he helped Cameron Grimes overcome the colossal Bronson Reed, but it’s not likely he’d agree to a match with someone like Reed for this debut. He’d brag about being a megastar on the way to the ring, and who would be behind him but Reed. Reed would slip into the locker room of Knight, and likely look to find a way to get revenge for that recent loss.

LA Knight Wins A Match, Loses A Jacket

Knight’s opponent would be August Grey, a standout from 205 Live. He’d be hit with a back elbow, and Knight hit a diving shoulder block before power slamming Grey into the mat. Reed would come to ringside with the jacket of Knight, and put it on. This custom made jacket would rip in seconds,

Back in the ring, Grey would get a roll up for a two count before hitting a neckbreaker. Grey went for the rope walk crossbody, but Knight was able to dodge and hit some mounted punches. He’d hit a knee strike and modified style of cutter for the win, putting his NXT record to 1-0.

Bronson Reed Sets Up A Huge Match

This was a simple little match, but mostly just set up a potentially huge showcase for both LA Knight & Bronson Reed at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver. Having a two night Takeover means thats a lot of the roster will get a chance to step up and prove they can put on the epic matches that come with that branding.

Bronson Reed has proven time and time again that he’s ready for the spotlight, and LA Knight is a proven star with his time in Impact Wrestling and the NWA. Will Knight be able to prove he belongs in NXT at Takeover, or will this match with Reed come before the big event? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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